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Ever since the company started in 1995 AviaVox has worked closely with airports of all sizes, which resulted in being a global expert and market leader in the field. Over the years, AviaVox has carefully studied the operations of both airports and airlines and has embedded all sorts of useful tools and functionalities, thus implementing best practice of all these environments. Today, with information flows becoming ever more diverse, AviaVox uses its expertise to act more and more as an information integrator who brings all disciplines together to provide multi-level information to the passengers. AviaVox can integrate all sorts of systems and tools, thus offering a controlled topology that holds all necessary components to deliver information to the passenger, be it audible or visible, flight- or non-flight related. This offers airports the possibility to improve communication with their passengers on all levels, which contributes considerably to a positive customer experience of both passengers and airlines.more


AviaVox has developed the so-called phonemetechnology, which delivers a speech quality that is far superior to systems that are based on pre-recordings or Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology. Phonemes are very small digital speech fragments that together form a word. One single word can consist of multiple phonemes, that play a crucial role in the intonation, articulation, speed and bridging between words. The AviaVox Systems contain artificial intelligence that controls the construction of words and grammar. In its turn, this software uses a huge voice-base with independent phonemes in order to ultimately generate multilingual announcements that cannot be distinguished from a human native speaker. The result… AviaVox makes a computer speak in many languages as if it were a living human being!



The AviaVox systems are far more than just an intelligent automatic announcement system. They integrate with the Airport Operational Database (AODB), the Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) and the PA-Systems (PA). But also other structural components of the infrastructure like the Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi), the Local Area Networks (LAN), telephony switches (PABX) and the Internet are being used. In this way AviaVox systems fully integrate with Airport and Airline Systems as part of the daily operations, and help to maximize efficiency. In order to interface with the PA-Systems, AviaVox has developed the AVX-8. This device is connected to the LAN network of the Airport and connects directly to the PASystem, independent of the brand or type used. The interface can either be based on “hard-contacts” or – preferably - on a digital connection. AviaVox has a rich experience in interfacing with various systems, and is certified by most system integrators.



AviaVox Airport-Terminal-Client (ATeC) The Airport-Terminal-Client System generates flight-related announcements such as boarding calls, delays and gate changes, as well as nonflight information, for instance safety and security calls. Once a passenger has entered the airport terminal, these announcements swiftly and safely guide him to his gate. More than 3.500 different kinds of announcements can be generated in each language. This more than covers the daily requirements for most airports. In addition, AviaVox can prepare individual announcement books per airport that reflect the announcement policies of that particular airport. The generic system can be used either separately, or in combination with other AviaVox systems such as Airline-Gate-Client.

AviaVox Airline-Gate-Client® (AGC)

The Airline-Gate-Client system supports the local announcements in the restricted area of a boarding gate, and is used by Airlines and handling agencies during boarding procedures. The software holds a huge amount of tailormade boarding announcements for airlines, and is connected to the airport’s Interface Brokers or AODB. The system is set up for a step-by-step approach to guide the passenger through the gate to board the aircraft, and has a proven boarding efficiency improvement rate of up to 20%. When an airline agent opens the application, the software will automatically detect all the essential information of the departing aircraft at that specific gate. In other words: it will recognize the airline, the destination, the aircraft type and the specific boarding procedures belonging to that flight. The graphical Interface is easy to use for the agent, and adaptions according to the specifics of the flight can be carried out by a simple mouse click. The AviaVox Airline-Gate-Client system uses existing PA-systems or PABX-systems and is CUPPS compliant. It is used by over 130 airlines worldwide.

 Information integration

When it comes to combining passenger information flows by smartphone app, FIDS screen and audio announcement, AviaVox can act as your information integrator. The company can integrate all sorts of systems and tools, and offers a combined solution topology that holds all necessary components to deliver information to the passengers, be it audible or visible, and both flight- and non-flight-related. AviaVox has the skills, the knowledge and the branch expertise that is needed for this role, and brings all stakeholders together to inform them about the latest technologies and developments in the market. The expertise that AviaVox brings into projects considerably speeds up the process of investigation, selection, alignment of stakeholders and ultimately the implementation of the chosen solution. This results in a considerable saving of time and money both for airports and airlines.


Live Voice Recording When an operator or handling agent for whatever reason needs to make a live announcement, then AviaVox has a very handy tool that allows for a preliminary recording through a microphone, prior to broadcasting. Intelligent software will automatically leverage this prerecording to the correct output levels, so that the audio quality is guaranteed and consistent with the automated announcements. NameCall For final calls and passenger missing calls by name, AviaVox offers the possibility to use NameCall. This intelligent software tool uses the unique TTPS (text-to-phoneme speech) technology to page passengers by name within a fixed AviaVox sentence. This tool is available in the English language.



Content management is one of the most important disciplines within AviaVox in order to build new and maintain existing languages in the system. This making and maintaining is a dynamic process between AviaVox and the user, for everything must support the individual needs and requirements of every customer, driven either by operations or legislation and taking into account all kinds of social and cultural differences between languages. AviaVox follows strict quality procedures to ensure that announcements made by the system are grammatically correct and without accents, including typical social aspects to make them sound fully human natural. But there is more: independent of the used platform, all presented information must be effective, and contribute to the passenger’s comfort.



In order to be able to manage and control this complicated environment in a proper way, AviaVox offers a subscription-based price model, that includes all regular content management and customer support activities. As this price model is largely based on the yearly number of passengers, the AviaVox system is affordable for both small and large airports. And additional financial advantage is the fact that this subscription is not an investment, but part of the airport’s operational costs.less


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