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Avenue LA is one of the most modern, fun nightclubs in LA. It stems from Avenue New York, where A-Listers are continually flowing in and out of its Manhattan doors. Likewise, Avenue LA seems to be attracting some celebrity attention, and for good reason!

The looks inside Avenue are very futuristic. Although the leather seating is very traditional, the mirrors and the lighting bring it up a level, with a powerful neon yellow glow that makes you feel like you're stepping into the 22nd Century. A lot of venues that aim for a futuristic look end up looking sort of white and blue and a little samey. Avenue stands out among the other futuristic nightclubs for its warmer, more relaxed, more inviting tones. If you want to be in a modern, trendy, futuristic nightclub, but also to relax and have a nice drink in a warm sociable setting, this is definitely the place for you.more

If you are looking for modern drinks that will give you a buzz, your bottle girls will have you covered. They are experts at mixing and serving, and will make sure you get exactly what you need to keep you partying all night. Mimosas are consistently a hit, and Dom Perignon is available from when the doors open. Sadly they don't serve food as far as we could tell, but there are so many delightful places nearby that it doesn't hurt to stop by a local restaurant on your way home.

You are going to feel the beats at Avenue nightclub in LA to your very bones. The sound system is amazing and the power of the music reaches every corner of the club, so no matter where you are you will be able to enjoy some of the best music in LA as you kick back and have a drink. The state of the art custom LED lighting, interactive screens, and state of the art sound system will fully immerse you in the experience.

If you want to get in, you have to look good. Seriously, you want to dress up great. Because even if you get in not looking at your best, you will know when you see everyone else dressed sharply. Heels and a cocktail dress for the ladies, smart casual with a crisp shirt and smart shoes for the gents. You are not likely to get in wearing sportswear, slacks, or anything grungy or torn. And make-up is a must for the ladies.

Being on the guest list will streamline you in, which is essential at such a busy venue. If you are from out of town, making a reservation at Avenue LA isn't the only way to get in if you're not on the guest list, but it's definitely the easiest. If you do not make a reservation you can sometimes get bumped to the front of the queue by paying a minimum bar tab up front. Similar to a cover fee, but you get it back in drinks.less


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