Secure LAN to LAN Bridges and Point to Multipoint Radios

AvaLAN Wireless

AvaLAN Wireless is a globally recognised provider of long-range cryptographic technology and wireless radios for the security industry. Radios are specially designed to supply secure wireless connectivity for perimeter or hard to access locations. With expertise in Cellular and unlicensed 5.8 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz radio bands, the company provide a range of high security, encrypted wireless ethernet and data transmission products.more

AvaLAN is positioned as a market leader for industrial automation, access control, IP surveillance, remote control and remote sensing. AvaLAN products are precisely engineered to deliver unrivalled data security, connection reliability and interference immunity. Secure wireless solutions  offer the best combination of quality service, data rate, range and price. With superb plug and play functionality, no other company comes close to matching AvaLAN’s all-round product performance and value.

Point to Multipoint Radio

AvaLAN wireless radios can be configured for either point-to-point or point to multipoint communications, enabling secure, reliable and long-range wireless connections. Solutions can also be specified for either outdoor or indoor applications, such as communications within a single building or several buildings across multiple sites. Devices typically use a 2.4 GHz band - the band accepted world wide as the unlicensed part of the RF spectrum.

For indoor applications, radios enable you to construct a point to multipoint system that connects IP peripherals, such as security control points, digital displays, VoIP phones, remote computers, wireless printers and access control readers. Connections are non-line-of-sight enabled, so have no problem in passing through walls or other obstructions, with a penetration value of 1,500'.

The system can be set up to include twelve access points, each featuring its individual non-overlapping channel. Using NIST Certified superior encryption technology, AvaLAN multipoint radios are ideally suited to replacing systems, which are failing to transfer data fast enough or are disrupted by site activity.

For outdoor applications, radios are supplied with additional robustness and packaged in a weatherproof, watertight, corrosion resistant aluminium casing. These radios beat Wi-Fi every time, offering five times the range and line-of-sight capabilities.

Wireless LAN to LAN Bridge

An AvaLAN wireless LAN to LAN bridge will enable you to connect networks operating with different IPs across the same or multiple sites. The radios are configured for plug and play, secure point-to-point data transfer and applications such as video surveillance.

The Ethernet bridge pair is supplied as a compact and convenient cost effective solution - different models are available depending on whether your device is for indoor or outdoor application. AvaLAN bridges are suitable for scenarios where a directly wired connection has insufficient range, is too expensive or does not provide the necessary level of security. The wireless connection can link LAN to LAN over a distance of forty miles (line-of-site) and benefits from superb signal penetration capabilities.

A laptop can be used to easily adjust the configuration of the bridge, using a radio's in-built USB port, transferring updated configurations before making the link live. The USB connection can also help to provide diagnostic information and an easy way to make firmware updates.less


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