AV Niche's Digital Recording Systems: The Change Made Easy

AV Niche (Recording Systems) Ltd

AV Niche investigate the digital revolution and the changes it will bring to the use of digital recording equipment in the judicial system.

We live in a world which now includes the general image conscious cravings for the latest and greatest in mass market high technology goods. These include Laptops, Wi-Fi, Blackberry, iPod, Mobile Phones, PS3s etc. The satisfactions of the virtual world and the touching of high technology mass-market products have assisted in germinating the seeds of little or no confidence within the Criminal Justice System.

We are being conditioned in the instantaneous virtual world and yet we are all expected to put our faith in 300+ year old symbols of Criminal Justice. It is time to reach out and regain that confidence.

Modern technology can and will address a lot of the inherent inefficiencies within the workflow associated with the chain of events from arrest to Court.

On 7 February 08, Sir Ronnie Flanagan presented the Final Report on his Review of Policing to the Home Secretary. The final report focused on the need to better manage the risks in order to reduce the threat to the public and reduce the harm caused by crime. This is approached by: (i) freeing up space by improving and strengthening the structures and systems that support policing (ii) improving performance and developing the workforce through better management of resources (iii) freeing up space by reducing unnecessary bureaucracy (iv) delivering in partnership through neighbourhood policing and involving local people

Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary commented in response to Sir Ronnie Flanagan’s Review of Policing “We are determined to cut unnecessary red tape and free up police officers to focus on protecting their communities and dealing with issues that matter most to communities.”

It is not what is done but how it is done that will get results.

Digital Interview Recording

AV Niche pioneered the development of the digital recording of interviews on to removable digital storage media. In 2004, AV Niche was granted a UK Patent (GB2387956) for "Secure Digital Recording" which covers the secure digital recording of evidence onto removable digital storage media.

Today, the full networking of products is possible which means that the AV Niche "Networking Criminal Justice" - "One Digital" program offers cost saving efficiencies to ensure the smooth transition of evidence from the interview to the Court room.

AV Niche (Recording Systems) Ltd have built long-lasting and successful working relationships with their customers. These relationships include the first migration from analogue to digital recording equipment for a police force commissioned in the United Kingdom, this being the first of its kind in the world with the systems remaining fully operational and supported in the field.

Today the digital revolution is enabling:

  • Cost effective interview recording
  • Workflow management solutions
  • High returns on investments
  • Secure content asset management
  • Enhancement of PACE
  • Smooth transition for a managed change

How does it work?

  •  First Step: Replace outdated analogue equipment that use increasingly discontinued media such as audio and video cassettes with secure digital recorders that use CDs/DVDs. You will need fewer media, less storage space and you will gain better quality recordings that do not alter with reproduction or high maintenance storage conditions.
  • Second Step: Along with the recording onto CDs/DVDs, a copy is acquired onto a local server, which then can be accessed by transcription services on the secure local network. Less paperwork is required and the recording would not need to be physically transferred to locations. Therefore it is more secure, more cost effective and less time consuming.
  • Third Step: A number of local servers are interlinked in a measured approach. A network is created; the data can then be securely shared between these servers.
  • Fourth Step: Increased compliancy with Sir Ronnie Flanagan Review on Policing.
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