AVN 200 Portable: Portable Digital Interview Recorder

AV Niche (Recording Systems) Ltd

The AVN 200 Portable is the new release of the robust portable digital audio video interview recorders by AV Niche (Recording Systems) Ltd.

The unique tower design of the recorder makes it easy to store, transport and carry.

Ergonomics being of fundamental consideration in the design criteria. Compact and robust, the portable digital audio video interview recorder is ideal for the conducting of interviews in any chosen location no matter how restrictive the size of environment.The integral unit provides the great versatility within the “mobile recorder” scenario enabling the users of the recorder to concentrate on conducting the interview.

AVN 200 Portable

AVN 200As a convenient hand luggage design, the new AVN 200 Portable comes with a single carry bag. A wide range of accessories are available to compliment the interview recorder: transit carry case with wheels, microphones, media (with dedicated agency logo options), transcription and playback solutions.

The system, complete with an integrated colour LCD screen tripod camera with zoom functionality, offers a simple control of focus to obtain optimum quality of image.

The AVN 200 Portable is designed to meet with all PACE, ACPO and Home Office Guidelines. The unique robust tower style design provides solutions to the demands and needs of police forces, government agencies and HR departments of private companies.

AVN 200 PortableAs standard the AVN 200 Portable includes “Secure Digital Recording” UK Patent Protected GB2387956. This means that the AVN 200 Portable checks before allowing recording that the correct number, type, format of blank media is inserted with all the video and audio signals to be recorded also being detected as being present.

At the end of the recording, the AVN 200 Portable closes / finalises all media ensuring that the integrity of the recording is not altered.

Portable Digital Audio Video Interview RecorderA supporting feature of the new digital portable audio video recorder is that in addition to simultaneous copies onto the removable media the recording can be backed up to an optional portable hard drive connected to the system.

All of these features make the new AVN 200 Portable a leader in a generation. Secure digital recording with ease of use by single control buttons together with simple and intuitive operation supported by user message LCD displays with supporting instructions. The AVN 200 Portable is the most ergonomic, life cycle economic and reliable of its kind being is based on the successes of the world’s longest serving operational digital interview recording technology.

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