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AV Niche (Recording Systems) Ltd

Cost effective, faster transcription from AV Niche.

AV Niche have available especially written digital transcription packages, for the professional transcription of audio and video recordings.

In conjunction with their partner ELPedium Technologies, the audio transcriber (ROTI) & video transcriber (ROVI) applications have been written for the specific task of transcribing on a PC from a CD/DVD interview recording.

A standard PC running a minimum of a CD/DVD drive and Microsoft Windows 2000/XP Operating System is required. Once a CD/DVD interview recording is inserted into the drive, the application will automatically start up and allow the user to listen to or view the recording as required.

Playback is controlled using a standard transcription foot pedal which gives the user faster transcription and workflow management. A headphone set can also be used for privacy and audio clarity in busy environments.

Fast Transcription from AV Niche Foot Pedal -

Current versions enable networked implementations with the audio/video streamed to the workstation from a central server location.

AV Niche and its partner ELPedium Technologies have developed file capture, along with indexing and workflow applications, which allow corporate or force wide implementations using other audio formats in a networked environment.


Digital Transcription Software

The digital audio/video transcriber is the perfect complement to the new digital interview recording products for CD/DVD recorded interviews. The ROTI/ROVI Audio/Video transcriber packages are cost effective and can be implemented on existing PC hardware.

AV Niche also offers an advanced version of the AIRPlayer, which compliments recordings made on the full range of AIR and AIRLight digital audio interview recorders.

AIRPlayerAdvanced Transcription Software

Features include:

  • Individual volume, left and right channel, controls to aid the listener when more than one person may be speaking
  • Speed control, - 0.50x to +4.00x
  • Auto Backspace Control - The number of seconds that the progress slider jumps back when PLAY on the foot pedal is released
  • View recording meta-data: Access to job meta-data during transcription provides all relevant interview information
  • Individual recording session time line showing start, current and end times together with remaining time indicator

For more information contact AV Niche.

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