Video and Audio Interview Recording Equipment

AV Niche (Recording Systems) Ltd

AV Niche (Recording Systems) Limited, based in Essex, was established in 1995. ISO 9001 registered and members of the APPSS (Association of Police and Public Security Suppliers), we are specialist designers, manufacturers and installers of both audio and audio / video recording equipment for Police Forces, Government Agencies, Armed Forces, Banks, and other public and private sectors companies worldwide. At AV Niche (Recording Systems) Ltd we are able to provide complete system solutions for the audio and visual recording of interviews with suspected persons, vulnerable witnesses and victims.

Interview Recording Equipment

Interview Recording Equipment was introduced as a requirement for Police Forces under PACE (Police And Criminal Evidence Act 1984). The aim of this Act was to increase the confidence and integrity of evidence thus helping to prevent any miscarriage of justice.

We supply a full range of cost effective, patented secure audio video interview recorders with single function controls that enable an ease of use operation.

AV Niche (Recording Systems) Ltd Intellectual Property portfolio include Secure Digital Recording. The benefits of the use of the interview recording equipment are also reflected in the legislative requirements to record interviews with child, vulnerable and intimidated witnesses.

Audio Interview Recording

Audio Interview Recording was the initial requirement of PACE. The national implementation of audio interview recording equipment saw the national use and installation of recording equipment from a sole manufacturer. In July 1996 the AV Niche “Rolec” brand of PACE audio interview recorder was confirmed to have successfully passed long term tests by the then Police and Scientific Development Branch. This provided the first and only alternative recorder for the recording of interviews since the implementation and adoption of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act in 1984.

Interview Recording Systems

The mass market has long since forgotten about analogue recording technology and it is becoming more and more difficult to overcome issues such as tapes’ quality, spares and / or availability. AV Niche (Recording Systems) Ltd recognised fully the onset of these changes in the recording technology availability and provides a Secure Digital Recording solution together with the support and training that such change requires. AV Niche pioneered the recording of interviews in the digital form.

Audio Video Interview Recording

Audio Video Interview Recording was introduced under the Children’s Act 1991 to enable a Child Witness to have a pre recorded interview be used as evidence in chief in a Court of Law. Audio Video Interview Recording has since been extended to the recording of interviews with vulnerable victims and intimidated witnesses under various Government initiatives such as Youth Justice and Criminal Justice Acts and Achieving Best Evidence guidelines and recommendations.

Audio Interview Recording

The AV Niche interactive secure digital recording technology can be integrated into a network. This digital interview recorder, audio only or audio/video allows a more environmental friendly use than the legacy analogue recording equipment. Witness Recording Systems AV Niche (Recording Systems) Ltd are proud of their activity and continued contribution to the Criminal Justice System.

This includes the support and provision of recording equipment for the recording of interviews with child, vulnerable and intimidated witnesses and victims. Currently supported is the longest serving digital interview recording equipment in the world. This AV Niche designed and manufactured witness recording system remains fully operational whilst providing successful recordings of evidential interviews. Ever declining levels of analogue witness recording systems are also supported in the field.

Suspects Recording Systems

AV Niche is very proud to have been able to offer the Police Service with the only alternative means of recording interviews under PACE in the 1990s. Having also pioneered the development and introduction of the digital interview recording of suspects AV Niche has continued investing in technological advances to further advance the Networking of Criminal Justice.

Suspect Recording SystemsRecording Systems

Suspects Recording Systems provide the evidential recording of interviews under PACE. These can be audio only content recordings or audio visual content recordings. The digital recording of interviews with suspects, as with witnesses, provides a Secure Digital Recording solution. These solutions are being provided to replace the abundant and existing legacy analogue recording equipment. AV Niche (Recording Systems) Ltd is devoted to offering the best products, service and support to its wide range of customers.


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  • Neil Holmes

    Managing Director of AV Niche Contact Expert

    Neil Holmes has professionally been involved in evidential interview recording systems for circa 20 years. Experience includes long term support of analogue and digital interview recording systems for both suspects and witnesses.

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