Standard Scissor Lift Tables

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Hydraulic scissor lift tables are used throughout a wide range of industries for many different applications.

Lifting tables can be fitted with all types of ancillary equipment such as gravity rollers, rotating or tilting table tops for production lines and can either be powder-coated for standard use.

Fully galvanised for outdoor and hazardous environments or even manufactured from stainless steel for hygienic environments such as hospitals or the food industry.

Scissor Lift TableScissor Lift Table

Scissor lift tables can be fitted within a pit for easy loading. Auto-Lift UK Ltd recently supplied a standard lifting table fitted into a pit for one of the UK's largest suppliers of window frame work to the trade industry.

This is a perfect example of a standard table fitted into a pit to assist in the manual handling of heavy products onto another floor level.

Scissor Lift Table

The lifting table is powered by an electro-hydraulic power pack and is operated with push button controls mounted near by. Standard safety features include an anti-trap bar around the lower edge of the platform, maintenance prop and an anti-burst valve on the ram. High pressure steel hydraulic pipe is fitted where practicable to ensure a long, trouble free life.

Auto-Lift UK Ltd can offer a wide range of standard scissor lift tables of all various sizes and capacities. Custom built scissor tables manufactured to meet specific customer requirements are Auto-Lift UK Ltd's speciality.

Site visits can be arranged at short notice to help specify scissor lift tables needed for special requirements.

For further information on Auto-Lift UK Ltd's scissor lift tables or just some friendly advice, please contact: Darren Wade, Tel: 01274 680744, Fax: 01274 680042, E-mail: or visit the Auto-Lift UK Ltd website:

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