New 4 Caged Tipper Bodies on Citroen Relay Chassis

Auto-Lift UK

Auto-Lift UK Ltd have just completed 4 caged tipper bodies on Citroen Relay chassis' for contract hire company Translinc.

The 4 caged vehicles are fitted with tipping equipment, sliding side door and sliding roof for easy access, strobe beacons, dump-over tail-lift and large tool storage box with alloy roller shutter doors and reverse beeper.

The caged bodies have been designed for ease of use. The sliding roof has been manufactured so one man can easily open it from the ground level quickly and safely.

The barn doors are full height, dropping behind the tailgate and securing closed onto the tipper body floor to ensure so waste can escape through any gaps usually left for the tailgate. This is achieved by using special extended barn door hinges that swing the doors out forward and around the tail-lift without catching.

4 Caged Vehicles with Tipping Equipment4 Caged Vehicles with Tipping Equipment

The tail-lift is operated by a short wander lead so the operator can either use the lift from the ground or from on the tail-lift platform. The tail-lift is a dump-over design so that when it is in it’s folded position it can be dropped down to the tipper body floor height, the rear barn doors opened and the cage contents tipped over the top.

The beacons mounted at the rear of the tipper body cage are a new rear facing slim design incorporating high intensity LED lights and are protected from refuse when tipping by the strong rear mounting plate. A beacon is also mounted on the cab roof to increase visibility all round, along with the night silent reverse beeper to increase pedestrian awareness and safety.

A fully powder-coated system using a 3-bake process specifically designed for tipper body application has been used throughout the caged bodies to ensure a long-lasting, durable finish.

The vehicles have been built for a housing company specialising in the building and maintenance of houses and land within the Tameside area.Auto-Lift UK Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of tipper and dropside bodies to suit customers requirements. TransLinc is one of the UK's leading suppliers of contract hire transport solutions to Local Authorities.

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