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A full range of mobile scissor lift tables are now in stock at Auto-Lift UK Ltd, with lifting capacities of 150 Kg upto 1000 Kg.

Tables are available with various lifting capacities and heights and platform sizes depending on your requirements. Auto-Lift UK Ltd are also able to carry out specific custom alterations to stock scissor table such as gravity roller platforms to meet customers needs.

All tables are CE marked, manufactured to an unbeatable quality and are easy to operate and are very competitively priced. Visit the online shop to browse the mobile lift tables available.

Mobile Scissor LiftMobile Scissor Lift

The full range of mobile scissor lift tables were introduced to complement Auto-Lift UK Ltd's existing comprehensive range of standard scissor lift table and custom built scissor lift table products.

For more information on our mobile scissor lift tables, contact our sales department:

Please visit our online store for more information on Portable Scissor Lift Tables.

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