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  • ATS Buitoni simplified pasta

    Banding Lets Buitoni Switch to a Single Food Pack

    Production managers at Buitoni have the challenging task of finding packaging solutions that are:

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  • six colour printed ATS band

    Banding Can Replace Sleeves and Cut Costs

    Band rather than sleeve? "Of course we're biased - but with good reason," says Erich M. Lohner, General Manager Sales and Marketing of the Swiss banding machine manufacture ATS.

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  • ATS Ultra-Sonic 2000

    Switch to banding boosts sales, cuts costs

    By switching from hand applied rubber bands to an automated system using pre-printed banding material, Max Schwarz AG, a Swiss market gardener, has improved productivity, cut costs, won more business and, for the first time, been able to brand its produce

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  • ATS Automatic Taping Systems

    Why banding?

    Banding is probably the cleanest, simplest, efficient and most cost effective way of holding items together either as part of a manufacturing or logistic process or for final presentation.

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