ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Launch Lithium Iron Phosphate Exercise Battery at UDT 2014

Atlas Elektronik GmbH

ATLAS Launch New Battery at UDT 2014

During UDT 2014 in Liverpool the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group and Advanced Lithium Systems Europe (ALSE) have launched their new Lithium Iron Phosphate rechargeable exercise battery for electrical torpedoes on the market. The advanced features of this new battery include a longer battery life, enhanced safety, easier handling and more flexible use as well as markedly lower life cycle cost. With cells designed to replace the legacy design currently in use the new battery can be used with all ATLAS electrical torpedoes and be adapted for use with any other electrically propelled heavyweight torpedo.

ATLAS Launch New Battery at UDT 2014

To maintain proficiency with a technologically demanding weapon like the heavyweight torpedo regular exercises are a necessity. The cost of these exercises is a major component of the Life Cycle Cost of any submarine fleet. Electrically propelled torpedoes use different batteries for combat and exercise purposes and the cost of legacy type exercise batteries with their short service life and low number of available charge cycles dominates the cost of the exercise shots. The new Lithium Iron Phosphate Exercise Battery has more than five times the service life and can be recharged twenty times as often as the legacy exercise battery system. In addition its very low self-discharge when charged as well as the ease and flexibility of handling relieve exercise planning and scheduling from exercise battery related constraints. This generates major savings in life cycle cost of the torpedo as well as the submarine system.

Safety is paramount in the demanding technological environment of the submarine. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK and ALSE have succeeded in passing all tests based on the demanding safety standards of the German Navy needed to achieve certification and clearance for use on submarines of its new Lithium Iron Phosphate rechargeable battery. This was achieved by a deliberate choice for the safest Lithium Ion type battery chemistry available, Lithium Iron Phosphate, and a unique dedicated battery cell design by ALSE that achieves primary safety. This ALSE battery cell is then integrated by ATLAS into the exercise battery. A battery whose cells conform to primary safety standard does not contain any risks that necessitate extensive secondary safety measures. This ensures a maximum of safety beyond that of the legacy battery system and other offerings on the market.

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