Naval Sonar Systems and Maritime Defense Technology

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ATLAS ELEKTRONIK develop advanced sonar systems for submarines, as well as naval electronics for a broad range of maritime platforms. The company assist navies around the world, making the sea a safer place for security forces to operate and civilian freight operations to transport goods. ATLAS has a rich history that spans over a hundred years, delivering standout performance, reliability and innovation. ATLAS is a leading supplier of maritime defense technology, whether it is for minehunting, combat systems or naval communications. ATLAS' dedicated research department ensures that technology meets the high specifications and performance set down by the world's militaries, and is always ready to work with customers in developing specially tailored systems for military platforms.more

  • Submarine Sonar Systems
  • Naval Command and Control systems
  • Sea Mine Detection Systems
  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
  • Radio and Communications Equipment
  • Coastal Surveillance Systems
  • Vessel Traffic Services
  • Naval Command and Control System
  • Submarine Torpedoes
  • Naval Weapons

Sonar Systems

A submarine is one of a navy's most powerful tools for maritime security operations, used for reconnaissance, intelligence gathering and for defense against hidden threats. ATLAS provide naval sonar systems, which are used to detect targets and dangers lurking in the sea, providing early warning of attack or positions of sea mines.  Best example is the unrivalled ISUS submarine combat system which is an advanced and sea-proven, fully integrated sensor, command and control, and weapon engagement system. A full range of sonar technology is available, including cylindrical arrays, towed arrays and flank arrays, as well as many varieties of sensors that can be integrated with your sub's systems. Using ATLAS systems, targets can be identified dozens of kilometres away, ranges which were previously unthinkable until recently.

Naval Weapons

Through vast experience in torpedo technology we have reached unmatched performance levels. With the SeaHake®mod4, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK offers one of the most modern and effective heavyweight torpedoes in world, and one that can be integrated into all types of submarines. The propulsion of SeaHake®mod4 features the unique modular battery system and an electric motor with very low self noise. It provides high speed and long range combined with exceptional stealth characteristics. The digital sonar system features the unrivalled conformal array and is able to master complex scenarios. It manages multiple targets while identifying and suppressing any kind of jammers and decoys. SeaHake®mod4 sets the global standard.

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

ATLAS has extensive experience and a comprehensive portfolio of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, suitable for mine detection and reconnaissance. Several varieties of vehicles are available, including SeaFox, SeaCat and SeaOtter. SeaFox is the most compact system available, able to manoeuvrable in tight spaces with extreme discretion.  SeaCat is a modular hybrid AUV combining the advantages of AUV and ROV technology. Through its compact design, high mobility, stability and precise navigation SeaCat is ideal for the reconnaissance and inspection of ports, coasts, offshore installations, pipelines and other critical infrastructures. Due to its modular design (SwapHead) the SeaCat can be equipped with a range of underwater sensors in the payload section (nose cone) such as MBES, SSS, SBP, Imaging Sonar and Camera. SeaOtter is designed for ocean operations, able to accommodate large payloads, like the Vision600 Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS).  Another proof to size and modularity. Through a combination of precise navigation, stability, high mobility compact design, UUVs are ideally suited for inspection of infrastructure, pipelines offshore installations and coasts. Brilliant endurance and superb versatility make these machines a great tool of exploring hazardous or uncharted areas of ocean. The equipment is fitted with echosounder technology, able to produce 3D models showing accurate depth measurement.

Sea Mine Detection

In combating the increasingly insidious danger of sea mines, ATLAS has developed mine warfare systems that can detect / destroy munitions and mines at low risk to personnel and ships. For decades we have been researching and developing sea mine detection technology to aid forces around the globe, focusing on integration with ships and military platforms. ATLAS offers IMCMS, which is among the most effective and modern mine countermeasures available. Using a combination of sensor arrays and underwater vehicles, the system delivers effective operations that locate and deactivate threatening sea mines, both improvised and manufactured. The platform is fully autonomous with unmanned elements identifying and eliminating threats without posing risk to crew. To this end we are now offering our platform-oriented Integrated Mine Countermeasure System IMCMS in a new, mobile, flexible and capability-oriented version based on offboard, stand-off systems while retaining the features and advantages of IMCMS.less


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