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Arup Security Consulting is part of Arup, the global design and business consulting firm. We provide a comprehensive portfolio that combines strategic advice with technical services on all aspects of business risk and resilience. Our approach to security is a ‘Secured by Design’ strategy where every element of a building is considered for its potential to mitigate risk. With a global reach Arup Security Consulting understands the local context in each region and provides security consultancy services for clients in the UK, Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and the Middle East.more

Resilience Consulting

Our approach to enhancing corporate resilience has been developed by our award-winning security, risk, building and management specialists. We help organisations assess their resilience to a range of threats including terrorism, natural hazards and operational disruptions and proactively root out and address areas of vulnerability before they become problems.

Our resilience consulting solution, called Integrated Corporate Resilience (ICR), builds upon organisations’ existing continuity plans and works as an active part of their business to build a clear understanding of how resilient their organisation is today and what they need to do to keep it on course to deliver their future strategy. It delivers and protects performance and complements business continuity planning. It is a highly responsible choice for progressive business leaders who require more from their investments in risk management, business continuity and contingency planning.

Technical Risk Assessment

Arup provides technical risk assessment, management advice and analysis to a wide range of clients. This risk modelling is often carried out alongside system design, project management, security assessment and analysis of hazards such as earthquake and flood, to provide a comprehensive service. Mainly applying techniques developed in the chemical, aerospace and nuclear industries, we contribute to:

  • Life safety protection on railways, from high speed to urban transit; a specific area is developing best value fire safety measures in tunnels and underground stations
  • Safety cases including risk models, management arrangements and evaluations against the As Low As Reasonably Practicable criterion
  • Accident risk management in buildings, supporting fire safety measures and emergency management arrangements
  • Accident risk management in construction
  • Site specific major hazard assessments – natural hazards and neighbouring industrial facilities such as airports and chemical storage
  • Configuration of mission-critical IT/data centres to withstand failures of utilities or building infrastructure
  • Prioritising and evaluating security threats and protection measures
  • Managing cost and programme risk to projects
  • Business continuity and corporate resilience

Geopolitical Risk

The development of an objective and robust methodology for assessing exposure is a prerequisite for the effective management of risk and the reduction of exposure to losses from terrorism and associated political responses. Consequently there is a synergy at the heart of our analytical approach, with the combination of intelligence-led insight and extensive reliable, objective data resulting in a rigorous and penetrating geopolitical risk assessment methodology for exposure to terrorism and geopolitical events.

Security Engineers

Security engineering covers a wide range of interconnected services that are delivered throughout the life of a construction project. It includes the upfront strategic development of a site masterplan, physical security masterplan, physical security (electronic systems), developing associated procedures to complement the physical measures, planning of active/reactive security and finally, confirming the correct implementation of the security solutions through phased inspections and audits. The service offered by our security engineers, whilst sometimes delivered in isolation, are closely linked to the counter terrorism, geomatics and operational planning services.

Combined together these provide an informed security strategy for a project. Defined elements include:

  • Security Masterplanning
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Security Planning
  • Screening Solutions Geomatic Services Geomatics, the science and study of spatially related information, can help provide situational awareness and enable effective command and control.

It includes the integration of GIS, real time 3D modelling, use of LiDAR laser scanning technology, photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial event modelling of blast effects. This can be used for the modelling of blast effects, crowd dynamics, and fire and gas propagation. It can also be used in undertaking vulnerability analysis, forensic analysis of events, accident reconstruction, improving ergonomic design and improving security design and planning. To enhance Arup’s geomatics services capability, Arup Security Consulting has purchased and operates its own terrestrial LiDAR scanning equipment.less


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