Safe Patient Transfer, Hospital Shower Chairs


ArjoHuntleigh offers a broader range of solutions to assist clinicians, improve the working environment, and enhance clinical outcomes.

Manual lifting of patients and incorrect working procedures make injury and strain an occupational hazard in healthcare. ArjoHuntleigh produces a wide range of easy-to-use patient handling equipment designed to minimise risk in the working environment and improve quality of care.more

ArjoHuntleigh product portfolio encompasses equipment, medical devices and complete systems in interrelated areas such as:

  • Hospital Beds
  • Wound Healing
  • DVT-Prevention
  • Prevention of Pressure Ulcers
  • Sliding Sheets
  • Disinfection Solutions
  • Hospital Shower Chairs
  • Therapeutic Surfaces
  • Patient Handling and Hygiene (including ceiling lifters, and mobile lifters)

Safe Patient Transfer

The portfolio of passive lifters (Maxi Sky, Maxi Move and Maxi Twin) and active lifters (Sara 3000, Sara plus and Stedy) provides optimised solutions for all levels of patient mobility and a safe patient transfer environment.

Back injury prevention- ArjoHuntleigh lifters, training, services, assessment tools and consulting resources play a major role in the back injury prevention programs to achieve a safer working environment.

Topical Negative Pressure

he WoundASSIST TNP – (Topical Negative Pressure) system provides a physical, minimal invasive method of wound healing promotion. The system operates by drawing off excess fluid and contagious substances while supporting healing of the wound.

The WoundASSIST TNP system consists of a computer-controlled suction device (console), a canister for the collection of exudate and a Wound Pack, which contains the necessary wound dressing materials.

The wound pack features a basic gauze and a compact, adaptable drain embedded in the dressing. The transparent, adhesive dressing offers a leak-proof, watertight seal. A pliable tube links the compress with the TNP console.

Hospital Shower Chairs

ArjoHuntleigh is committed to delivering safe, comfortable access to showering for all levels of patient mobility. The comprehensive range of showering solutions is applicable across many types of care facility. These products are also designed for versatility and support ergonomic working methods in a number of other hygiene routines.

For showering, daily hygiene, an adaptable, reclining hospital shower chair (Carendo, Carino) with leg rests protects patients against accidents and promotes an ideal posture for carers to perform hair washing, showering and pedicures. For the more immobile patient we provide the electrical height adjustable shower trolley (Concerto).

Sluice Room Equipment

In cooperation with the Healthcare facility, ArjoHuntleigh creates the optimum sluice room for its needs, providing expert consulting in the planning stage and supplying highly efficient flusher disinfectors and sluice room equipment for cleaning and disinfecting reusable items. We also act as a valuable resource for training and commonsense guidelines on best hygiene practice.

Hospital-acquired infections are the cause of a large number of deaths every year. The problem exists everywhere. Combating nosocomial infections also requires the right equipment to clean and disinfect circulating hospital goods.

ArjoHunlteigh has developed highly effective bedpan washers and washer disinfectors to prevent the spread of infection within health care and long-term care. Disinfectors and slucierooms; Ninjo, Tornado and Typhoon

Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

ArjoHuntleigh offers a comprehensive range of clinically researched therapeutic surfaces to ensure the effective management and prevention of pressure ulcers. A full range of hospital beds and mattresses are available for birthing and patient care. Our systems include fully dynamic Alternating Pressure Redistributing Surfaces and Constant Low Pressure Mattresses for home and hospital applications. In addition, we provide sophisticated systems designed to manage patients with specific needs, such as bariatric patients or those requiring critical care. The range also covers seating solutions, which when used together with mattress replacements and overlays, ensure consistent pressure area care, 24 hours a day.

ArjoHuntleigh range of advanced pressure management mattresses and overlays; Nimbus, Autologic, Breeze and seating systems: Aura Freedom, Aura Logic.less


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