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The Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) and sustainable environment

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Sustainable environment is a forever growing concern for Asia; therefore sustainability needs to be prioritised by all stakeholders – packaging manufacturers, brand owners, government and consumers.

Why sustainable environment is important for Asia?

The Asia Pacific economy has been developing at extraordinary pace for quite some time now, and the region is expected to continue to be forerunner of the global growth. This exceedingly fast development resulted in terrible air pollution in Asian cities like Delhi, Varanasi, Beijing, Tokyo or Bangkok just to name a few. In fact, data released by World Health Organisation (WHO) at the end of 2016 showed that 20 cities with the worse air pollution worldwide are all in Asia region, showing that sustainable environment is a massive concern.

What is Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA)?

Emerging countries in Asia Pacific region are becoming more and more focused on sustainable environment problems and understand the necessity to reduce packaging waste. In order to create a sustainable environment, Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) was introduced in 2007. National Environment Agency defines SPA as “a joint initiative by government, industry and NGOs to reduce packaging waste, which constitutes about one-third by weight of Singapore’s domestic waste. The Agreement is voluntary, so as to provide flexibility for the industry to adopt cost-effective solutions to reduce waste.”

Key challenges

Sustainability and sustainable environment has become a majorly important for packaging service providers, as brand owners are actively and constantly looking for solutions that could make their product eco-friendly. Due to increased demand in these packaging services, they are becoming more expensive and brand may need to pass this cost onto the consumer. Another challenge for brand owners is turning sustainability in a USP of their product and actually making a difference towards the sustainable environment.  

Is there a solution?

This November, NGOs like Coca-Cola will be joining PACE Asia event where they are going to explain how to collaborate with suppliers to foster sustainable innovation and contribute to sustainable environment. SPA will also be discussed in depth during this forum, so all packaging stakeholders can understand the importance of and gather ideas about:

  • Challenges in sustainable packaging;
  • Need for collaboration in order to support sustainable environment;
  • Solutions with regards to sustainable packaging;
  • Opportunities that a need for sustainable environment brings

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