3 factors affecting packaging industry in Asia

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Packaging industry in Asia Pacific region is growing at a tremendous rate and it is expected to take up more than 60% of global retail packaging growth by 2020, making this region truly important. Therefore let’s explore few of the latest consumer and market trends that are impacting packaging in Asia.

1.       E-commerce & digitalisation

E-commerce is a global trend and has been exploding in Asia recently. E-commerce and digitalisation have a massive impact on packaging as it allows manufacturers to provide consumer with more personalised products and services. Because of digital disruption, there are endless opportunities in packaging industry; however it brings one massive challenge too – how to engage with consumers through a good looking packaging when the shipment endangers the quality of the product.

2.       Sustainability

You might think that sustainability has been overly discussed over past decade, however you need to keep in mind that consumer does not treat it in the same way as before. For example, a decade ago many brand owners treated consumers that care about sustainability as a niche target audience, but now majority of people are assuming that your product is eco-friendly and sustainable. This means that you need to find innovative ways to improve your product’s packaging even further to turn sustainability to a unique selling proposition again.

3.       Consumer journey

As the world is moving from transactional marketing to relationship marketing, consumer journey becomes extremely important factor for packaging. People no longer purchase “just a product”, they want a brand to engage with them – they want a brand to tell a story. If you want to learn more about this trend, this November PACE Asia will be exploring how to use packaging as a blue print for brand positioning to engage with consumer on a deeper level.

Why is it important?

All in all, customers in Asia are becoming more and more attentive to use of environmental friendly packaging, and are looking for more sustainable, more customised and engaging packaging, changing the ways of consumption and production. To go towards more personalised packaging, brand owners need to find solution providers offering new and flexible ways of production leading to digitalisation in the packaging industry.

If you wish to explore these themes in depth and apply to your business, check out Packaging and Converting Executives Forum that will be bringing Asian packaging community together for the 6th time. This event will be a perfect place to exchange ideas, meet like-minded peers and packaging solution providers, as well as learn from exclusive case studies, interactive discussions and practical one-to-one business meetings.


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