3 consumer trends that are reshaping nicotine industry

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We have seen consumer trends becoming somewhat irrelevant for the traditional nicotine products (cigarettes, tobacco) in the past decade as regulatory bodies have been controlling them heavily - not only price, ingredients and flavours are regulated, but packaging is affected as well.

However, the popularity of the next generation nicotine products (e cigarettes, e liquids) not only allows but forces nicotine brand owners to look at consumer trends that are reshaping the industry. This article will explore 3 trends that are crucial for the next generation nicotine brand owners.

1.       Customisation

Consumer is becoming more and more demanding, and this is not expected to change – modern buyer wants to feel special and purchase products and services that are personalised and tailored to him/her. In the past couple years we have noticed CPG giants like Coca-Cola or Nutella personalising their packaging, Spotify promoting customised “discover weekly” playlist or Amazon providing different shopping experience to every individual. Nicotine brands are not an exception to this trend, and e liquids provide the whole industry with enormous opportunities for personalised customer experience by letting them choose, mix and discover.

2.       Choosing healthier living

Government policies towards cigarettes and tobacco are not the only explanation for diminished sales in traditional nicotine products. Consumers themselves are becoming more conscious and educated about wellbeing and have an increasing appetite for what they perceive to be heathy. Have a look at few examples from UK – free-from category sales increased by nearly 7% last year, approximately 30% of people claimed they reduce their meet consumption in 2017, and we have never seen that many alcohol-free beers, ciders and wines on shelves before. Not surprisingly, consumers are willing to switch traditional nicotine products to innovative and healthier ones.

3.       Multi-channels & Digital experience

Buying experience has never been as important as it is now and one of the ways to enhance it for a modern consumer is through digital platforms. A decade ago we would have never dreamed that established industries like banking or insurance will have apps to make customer’s journey more pleasant. Nor we thought that Amazon would allow customer to purchase CPG goods with a press of one button. As for nicotine, there is a huge opportunities in flavour mixing apps that allow consumer to connect with a brand and be innovative.

Those are just few of many trends reshaping nicotine industry. If you are a nicotine brand owner and wish to find out more, join the Next Generation Nicotine Delivery in November to stay on top of competition, by learning from industry experts and networking with nicotine solution providers.

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