Dry and Semi Dry Military Wetsuits


Throughout history divers have faced many perils that the seas and oceans bring, however military divers have the extra danger of facing a hostile enemy. Aquata provide a wide range of diving suits for the military and commercial markets. These suits can provide the divers with the protection against the environment leaving the diver to concentrate on the treat from the enemy.

Aquata are a European-based company with dealerships worldwide providing the highest quality diving suits, hardware and accessories. Aquata was established by divers who understand how important it is to trust your diving equipment. All of Aquata's equipment is manufactured to the highest standards.more

Dry Diving Suits

Aquata offer one of the largest ranges of dry diving suits in the industry, designed to withstand temperatures between 0°C and 15°C. Models include Antarctica, Crush and Pacific. Powerful dry zippers and neoprene or latex seals ensure that water cannot get into the dry diving suits. A stable degree of buoyancy as well as extremely tough materials are only two of many other advantages of our suits.

Semi Dry Wetsuits for Military Diving

Aquata manufacture industry-recognised semi dry wetsuits with the proven ability to keep the diver warm in deep-sea conditions.

Designed to protect the wearer from temperatures as low as 7°C the Aquata semi dry wetsuit has the additional advantage of enabling the wearer the freedom to operate and move comfortably at the same time. This makes it suitable for military diving applications, as the military diver is free to operate in comfort with peace of mind.

Military Wetsuits

Semi dry suits utilize advanced seal technology to minimize the level of water penetration through the suit and the Metal-Plush coating provides strong protection against cold temperatures often encountered by military divers.

Design features of the Aquata military wetsuits offer further comfort and ease of movement, including step-in jacket-closure and the abrasion- resistant reinforcements. Models of the Aquata semi dry wetsuit include Profiler, Nord Eco and Arctic.

Diver Wetsuit

Aquata channel their experience of diver wetsuits into the creation of concept diving suits based around temperature-controlling technology. When submersed in water, the body can drop to potentially dangerous temperatures, the diver wetsuit acts as a second protective skin against the cold. Aquata consider the importance of the correct material for their diver wetsuit when creating them, as well as attaining the correct fit for the diver to enable long dives in comfort and safety.

Aquata diving suits are comprised of adaptive material with the ability to mould to the shape of the body throughout underwater movement, ensuring continuous insulation. Available in a selection of colours, these semi dry wetsuits combine protection and reliability with smart designs.

Sea Survival Suits

Aquata produce an Evacuation survival suit especially suited to military diving use. Carefully designed with flexible material and a watertight zip, seals prevent the diver becoming wet within the suit. The suits are designed with portable carry bags to ensure convenience on military vessels.

The placement of Aquata sea survival suits onboard a vessel guarantees increased safety for ship passengers and military crew. Aquata’s sea survival suits range aims to provide the highest chances of survival for those at sea, and are ideal for military applications.

The range includes immersion suits and special garments for SAR teams, which will prove themselves in military diving emergencies and drills. A range of under-suits is also available to compliment the Aquata diving suits. Full advice and information of which accessories are required with each suit is available from the Aquata team.less


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