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The company Applied Turbine Technologies ApS (ATT) was established in 2010 with the purpose of creating a business based on small gas turbines.

The foundation was to further develop the gas turbines developed by Lars Nøhr and utilise the technology to provide solutions for segments outside the model airplane market.

The first application was born in the late 2000’s  – it could be used for road cleaning and drying instead of the existing equipment, which uses LPG gas equipment and compressors in order to generate high air velocity and heat. more

The road cleaner and dryer was launched to the market under the brand name Zirocco. In order to cope with the demands within the market area, it has been necessary to develop a new industrial gas turbine with the brand name Ventus.

The original gas turbine with brand name Nexus is part of the offer from ATT and sold to customers, who need at high performance jet turbine for special applications.  Applied Turbine Technologies is based on many years of experiences and comprehensive competences within gas turbines and aerodynamics. This is extended with knowledge on the demands within industrial production and quality assurance.

Zirocco - Road dryer

The Zirocco road cleaner and dryer brings turbine technology and state-of-the-art mobile electronic controls into surface treatment in the road marking industry.

The opportunity: Many cities throughout Europe have banned the use of open-flame and propane-powered road drying equipment, creating the opportunity for alternative technologies. At the same time, conventional road drying equipment often requires a crew of three people and/or a large truck to do the same amount of work as the ATT Zirocco road dryer.

The product: The ATT Zirocco road dryer runs on a diesel fuelled 300 Kw microturbine. The micro-turbine has an output of 100 cubic metres of airflow per minute at up to 450 - 550 degrees Celsius. The machine is extremely effective for drying roads, removing black ice from tunnels and bridges, and removing gum from public spaces.

Relationship with Danfoss: ATT sought the help of Danfoss to develop a controller and telematics system that could be customized specifically to meet the unique needs of the Zirocco road dryer, as well as end users of the road dryer. ATT integrated the Danfoss DP 250 display and Danfoss Telematics Solution.

The solution: The Danfoss Telematics Solution allows for ATT to remotely monitor their customers’ road dryers in real time, resulting in essential preventative maintenance and shipment of parts before problems occur. Danfoss Telematics also feature machine tracking, geofencing and automatic report generation capabilities, saving time for the end user who would typically be responsible for manually documenting a completed work route.

The Zirocco road cleaner and dryer brings new technology into surface treatment in the road marking industry.

Self-contained machine utilising gas turbine technology to ensure effective cleaning and drying of roads and other surfaces.

  • Effective cleaning and drying with very low operation costs. Estimated pay-back time of the machine is below 100 hrs. of operation.
  • Very flexible machine that can be used both as a hand pushed version for small jobs and pushed by a line-driver for larger projects.
  • Independent and convenient handling of the machine as there is no need for an air compressor.
  • Uses standard diesel EN 590. No pressurized LPG is used which means that road dryer can be safely used in populated areas.
  • Drying and cleaning speed up to 3-6 km/hrs. depending on road/weather conditions and nozzle width.
  • Our Display DP250 and Controller MC 050 PLUS 1, are from Danfoss Power Solutions and observe all requirements for the mobile industrial use.
  • The new wireless Service Remote Solution from Danfoss Power Solutions - Telematics.

Ventus - Gas turbine

The Ventus gas turbine is developed by ATT in order to cope with demands within industrial applications.

  • A very compact and robust industrial gas turbine wich effectively generates both high velocity air and heat based on combustion of diesel
  • Can be used in applications, where small size is critical
  • Can be used in tough conditions
  • Important parts have got a surface treatment in order to increase life time

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