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APEXO offers high-end computer-oriented solutions, ballistics trainings and consulting services for the defence and security sectors. Based on its deep expertise in ballistics and ammunition development/industrialization, combined with its worldwide network, ApexO will provide you with the products and services that will perfectly answered your needs.more

APEXO, Expertise within your reach



The distance is within your reach with the ballistic simulations capacity of ApexO.  The ApexO Firing System (AFS®) also known as the ApexO Firing Solution is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. This new version, running on an Android platform, provides way more features and flexibility than before.  Whether you use the ApexO proprietary aeroballistic profiler to create new ammunition and determine its real ballistic profile or if you use the included ApexO ballistic profiles, your first shot hit is within your reach with the AFS®.

Furthermore, with the AFS® you don’t need to continuously zero your weapon when you are deployed overseas.  Just do that once and you are good to go!  The AFS® is the only ballistic calculator on the market that can manage efficiently those multi-caliber rifle, night vision and sound suppressor offsets. 

In addition to be the most accurate and user friendly out there, the AFS® ballistic calculator can be combined with a Gunshot Detection System (GDS) to become the best countersniper solution on the market.



Choosing ApexO means having access to its founder’s nearly 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering, ballistics, ammunition’s development and industrialization, statistics and computer science. That expertise has been exhaustively put to contribution during the NATO Team of Experts on the 40mm Grenades and have also been used by some of the most recognized companies and governmental agencies around the world.

Since more than a decade, ApexO is very close to the sniper community with the AFS® and this proximity, combined with our expertise allowed ApexO to be a partner of choice for any project you may have related to this specific clientele.

Our consulting services covers many areas like; ballistic simulations, investigation, statistical analysis, development of ammunition, qualification of your production and testing facilities or any other areas related to our field of expertise.



ApexO offers different types of training that can be fully personalized to fits your specific needs.

If your need to better understand what phenomenon are involved in long range shooting, to master ballistics or to have a “train the trainers” package for the AFS®, ApexO will meet your highest expectation. And if you need advanced trainings in long range shooting, the best former military snipers out there will join us to provide you the best training on the market.

Although we offer advanced ballistics training, you don’t need to have a master's degree in physics to understand what we are teaching. Vulgarisation is our trademark and with the help of our passion we guarantee your satisfaction.

Some well-known organisations have used ApexO’s training services within the last decade, and we are proud to say that many of them are still with us today.



ApexO develops and provides custom-made solutions to meet the needs of its clientele with precision, reliability and performance. Whether it is for a personalized software or for integrating our ballistic engine into an OEM product, ApexO have solutions within your reach.

ApexO also provides a complete range of ruggedized mobile computers and carrying case to allow a fully integrated solution. By choosing to invest in a customized solution, designed for your organization, you avoid the difficulties of trying to adapt your requirements to an off-the-shelf product that most of the time will not really answer your needs.

The strength of our worldwide network allows us to combine different technology together in order to provide you with the optimal solutions that will directly increase your efficiency and fully answer your needs.

With ApexO, distance, solutions and expertise are within your reachless


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