Density and Concentration Measurement, Nanostructure Analysis

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Anton Paar GmbH produces high-quality measuring and analysis instruments for industrial and research applications. Its product portfolio includes density and concentration meters for both laboratory and process, viscometers, rheometers, polarimeters and refractometers; and instruments for X-ray structure analysis, microwave synthesis and microwave decomposition.

Founded in 1992, the company is based in Austria. Throughout more than eighty-five successful years, the innovative spirit of Anton Paar's employees and their commitment to quality have been the driving forces behind the company. Anton Paar's strong R&D department and its partnerships with external research institutes turn ideas into instruments at the cutting edge of technology.more

Density and Concentration Measurement

Highest accuracy required for infusions: DMA 5000 M with Xsample 452

The DMA 5000 M density meter provides the highest accuracy on the market. It is frequently in use in the pharmaceutical industry because it exceeds traditional measuring limits. It is used for quantifying alcoholic strength in binary mixtures, measuring the concentration of infusion solutions or checking the density of liquid ingredients.

Equipped with a digital camera the entire sample being measured is clearly visible. In case of potential filling problems, the operator is warned and the image of the measuring chamber is stored automatically - a useful feature, especially in combination with an automatic sample changer, like Xsample 452. In this way the quality of the filling, and therefore the quality of the results, can be verified at any time.

Nanostructure Analysis

For investigating drug delivery systems and active surfaces: SAXSess mc2

SAXSess mc² efficiently investigates drug delivery systems.  These systems transport drugs directly to the diseased parts of the patient's body. They consist of nanoparticles which contain the active drug and ensure that it is released in the right place, at the right time.

SAXSess mc² determines the size and internal structure of these systems and therefore allows users to tune the systems' stability, composition and the accurate release of the active drug.

SAXSess mc² is also used to study the active surface of pharmaceutical powders - an important parameter, since it directly affects the dissolution and body's uptake of the drug.

Powerful Rheometer for Product Development

Powerful, modular rheometry for product development: MCR Rheometer Series

The MCR rheometer series includes four rheometer models plus an extensive range of accessories which are renowned for their technical excellence and ease-of-use.

All rheometers perform a wide range of steady and dynamic tests in both CSS and CSR mode. From simple flow curve generation to the dynamic analysis of complex fluids, melts, and co-polymers, all MCR rheometers offer simple programming and test setups with a comprehensive software package.

The revolutionary modular design features innovations such as Toolmaster™, the first automatic detection of accessories and measuring systems; TruGap™, a patented measuring gap detection system; an extended torque range, patented normal force sensor, and a wide range of environmental systems and accessories.

Microwave Synthesis

New opportunities for method development and optimization: Monowave™ 300

Monowave™ 300 provides a completely new, sophisticated approach towards microwave-assisted synthesis method development. A specially designed cavity in conjunction with 850 W microwave output power provides very high density of the electromagnetic field. Therefore, any solvent is effectively and rapidly heated in any applicable scale. Two types of glass vials provide an initial range of scale-up from 2 mL to 20 mL in the individual vials.

Relevant reaction parameters are measured and controlled with state-of-the-art technology. Besides a hydraulic pressure sensor integrated in the cavity cover, the instrument provides a unique simultaneous temperature sensing system. In addition to the standard IR sensor an optional immersing ruby thermometer can be used. Sealed vessel conditions up to 300 °C and 30 bar open up opportunities for method development and optimization.


Optical rotation measurement for research & development: MCP 500

Most drugs are chiral and thus optically active. Conventional polarimeters operate with only onewavelength, but in chemical and pharmaceutical research or quality control much more versatile instruments are required to fulfill national and international standards, pharmacopoeias or other regulations.

The MCP 500 high-precision polarimeter can be supplied with 8 standard and/or customizable wavelengths within the UV / VIS range to meet all the demands of modern pharmaceutical laboratories.

Optical Rotation measurements are used in research laboratories to characterize new substances, e.g. bySpecific Rotation. Optical Rotation measurements are also widely used in the quality control of raw, intermediate and final products according to Pharmacopoeia standards.

Online Density & Concentration Measurement

Online monitoring of production processes in real time: Process instrumentation

Anton Paar process instrumentation is designed for the continuous and automatic inline, at-line and online quality control of liquids. Relevant values are recorded; process signals are provided to link to control loops. The meters' rugged design ensures their long working life, even in harsh industrial environments.Examples of applications for Anton Paar process instrumentation:

  • QC of solutions
  • Product interface detection
  • Control of mixing processes
  • Control of evaporators
  • Distillation monitoring
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