Liquid to Powder / Pharmaceutical Spray Drying


Anhydro is a technology leader in the design and supply of evaporation and drying solutions for the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Anhydro performs verification and provides complete documented quality control according to the GAMP V model.

Anhydro offers the most comprehensive range of advanced spray, spin flash and fluid bed drying technologies together with a complete evaporator programme for pharmaceutical applications requiring maximum product integrity and reliability.more

Pharmaceutical Spray Drying

Widest Available Drying Process and Application Span

With thousands of spray drying plants sold worldwide, Anhydro offers decisive competitive edge in pharmaceutical spray drying:

  • Dedicated customization based on world-leading experience and expertise
  • Compact processing of more drug product than with other processing technologies
  • Comprehensive spray drying solution range
  • Multiple processes
  • Comprehensive range of applications
  • Drying gas rate capacities from 35 kg/h and up
  • Predictable Path Forward and Control Space
  • Complete control over particle size distribution
  • Consistent accuracy and performance
  • Maximum uptime with straightforward cleaning and maintenance
  • Scalable Design Space

Anhydro spray drying solutions for the pharmaceutical industry feature FDA 21 CFR Part 11-compliant process control and data acquisition to accommodate individual customer requirements. Anhydro supplies the necessary process control and data acquisition solutions to facilitate successful validation.

Continuous and Batch Fluid Bed / Drying Systems

Anhydro offers a complete range of continuous and batch fluid beds for drying, cooling, granulation, agglomeration and classifying. Fluid beds can be used for processing of most types of powdered products. Anhydro Fluid bed processes include drying, agglomeration, spray coating, cooling, dedusting and lecithination.  Anhydro offers batch and continuous fluid beds, as well as fluid beds to be integrated into multi-stage spray drying plants.

Industrial Drying Systems: Flexibility and Customization

Anhydro industrial drying systems can be combined and customized for specific product applications. Anhydro provides experience, expertise, service and support covering all aspects of technology implementation including feasibility studies and extensive test facilities.

All Anhydro dryers are designed, engineered and customized to provide unbeatable performance at the lowest possible cost. The majority of drying options can be supplied in standard and GMP configurations, while specialized options can be supplied in accordance with aseptic standards. Anhydro dryers range from small scale plant with capacities of a few kg/h to large scale industrial plants.

Liquid to Powder Drying

Anhydro provides a wide range of drying solutions for virtually any liquid-to-powder dryingapplication including spray dryers, spin flash dryers, fluid bed dryers, disc dryers, tube bundle dryers and dryers for pharmaceutical applications. Anhydro dryers range from small-scale plant to large-scale industrial manufacturing plant.

Anhydro is a global supplier of a complete range of liquid concentration and powder processing solutions as well as dewatering plant and equipment for the international dairy, food and beverage, ethanol, starch, pharmaceutical, chemical, alcohol and brewery industries.less


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