Portable NIR, Near Infrared Spectroscopy, Particle Size Analysers

Analytik Ltd

Analytik Ltd supplies unique and innovative analytical instrumentation and equipment. Rugged, portable, visible and Near Infrared Spectroscopy applicable to a wide variety of materials identification, verification and quantification. Rapid and convenient real time materials analysis, where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Nano Particle Characterisation based on differential sedimentation and applied to measurement of ultra high-resolution particle size distributions.more

Sub-nanolitre, non-contact, piezoelectric micro pipetting systems for printing of micro-arrays and other low volume dispensing solutions.

Modular, miniature, CCD array, fibre-optic UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy solutions for laboratory, process and mobile applications.

Portable Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy System - LabSpec

Rapid, convenient, safe and non-destructive raw materials and finished product identification, verification and quantification. Our Portable Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy System will give you fast and convenient analysis where and when it’s required. Dramatically reduces the need for time consuming, labour intensive and expensive raw material sampling and laboratory analysis. Enables more raw materials testing to be conducted in far less time and thus reducing dead time of valuable stock. Unique high sensitivity post dispersive optics often enable measurements to be performed through the packaging providing even greater convenience.

Also highly suited to identity confirmation of finished product either directly or through packaging. Ideal for verification of powders, tablets, capsules and many other dosage forms. Also ideal for verification of pharmacy dispensing and field based counterfeit pharmaceutical detection operations.

Counterfeit Drug Detection Analyser/System - RxSpec700Z

The only thorough means to rapidly and non-destructively determine if a pharmaceutical product is genuine, out in the field and in a simple to use, cost-effective way. Our Counterfeit Drug Detection Analyser/System - The RxSpec700Z is designed as a truly portable and convenient solution for use by pharmaceutical companies, Customs and Border Control agencies and anybody involved in the drug distribution chain.

Ultra High Resolution Particle Size Distribution Analysis - CPS Disc Centrifuge

The CPS Disc Centrifuge utilises the technique of differential sedimentation to enable extremely small variations in particle size distributions to be detected and accurately measured. Unlike other more commonly used laser based techniques that have relatively low resolution and use sophisticated algorithms to merely predict particle size distributions, the CPS Disc Centrifuge uses the latest centrifugal technology to actually separate and measure multimodal particle distributions. The technique even allows the user to optimise conditions to achieve the optimal resolution required for a particular application. For example, coated and uncoated nanoparticles being developed for therapeutic drug delivery (eg. Polymer coated silver and gold nanoparticles used in cancer treatment developments) can easily be separated and resolved. The CPS DC is an ideal nanoparticle characterisation tool, enabling coating thickness to be measured and the coating process monitored.

Piezoelectric Non-Contact Micro and Nano-Dispensing - Nano-Plotter™ Micro-Arrayer

GeSiM Nano-Plotter™ Micro Arrayers utilise piezoelectric touchless technology for high precision printing of micro arrays. They are therefore ideal for printing of “sticky” solutions such as proteins and peptides and/or onto sensitive surfaces and substrates. Drop volumes as low as 70 picolitres and array densities of greater than 2500cm-2 can be achieved and the array layout can be completely arbitrary and independent of pipette head layout thus providing limitless flexibility. Microlitre dispensing can also be achieved with Nano-Plotter™ Micro Arrayers by substituting the piezoelectric dispensers for standard disposable plastic tips.



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