Accurate Repeat Pipetting with Rainin


Anachem present the Rainin AutoRep™ S supporting adaptable controls for rapid, accurate repeat dispensing.

Rainin AutoRep S

Rainin AutoRep S

The Rainin AutoRep S is an ergonomic and user-friendly manual pipette for adjustable, accurate repeat pipetting. The AutoRep S offers enhanced manual control for fast, high throughput sample processing, and particularly effective for tasks requiring accurate repeat pipetting.

The pipette has an ergonomic, low weight design offering adjustable dispensing for easy repeat pipetting of multiple aliquots. pipetting volumes can be easily amended via a stroke-setting wheel designed for one-handed use. The ergonomic design includes an extended finger-hook and comfortable grip for comfortable operation over a long period.

Accurate Repeat Dispensing

The AutoRep® S features a front-mounted filling lever for easy liquid aspiration and a syringe ejection key avoiding the requirement to manually remove used syringes, and aiding fast, safe ejection. Volume tables are mounted to the back of the AutoRep™ S offering a fast, convenient visual reference to help users select the required syringe sizes, pipetting volumes and number of pipetting steps.

The pipette accepts encode™ syringe tips, which offer a choice of 59 dispense volumes between 2 microlitres and 50 millilitres enabling precise, accurate repeat dispensing, for all liquids including those with high viscosity or vapour pressure.

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