Liquid Handling, Laboratory Consumables, Pipette Servicing


Anachem brings you specialist support in liquid handling for all your laboratory applications. Backed by over 40 years experience with unprecedented levels of product service, maintenance and customer care, you can trust Anachem to be the perfect partner.

We provide a wide selection of Rainin pipettes and tips, along with own branded products. We also offer high spec tubes, racks, PCR plastics and lab safety equipment to the UK and Ireland.more

In addition to our range of liquid handling products we are the largest and most experienced pipette calibration & service company in the UK and Ireland. Our UKAS accreditation for pipette calibration has been held since 1998, and ensures your precision instruments provide the optimal performance.

Products include:

Single Channel, Multichannel and Electronic Pipettes

A broad range of Rainin manual, electronic, single channel, multichannel and specialist pipettes. Whether you prefer the traditional Rainin Classic pipette, or you want the latest innovative pipette on the market, we can help you.

Pipette Tips

Anachem offers the most extensive range of highest quality pipette tips from leading manufacturers together with our own brand options.

Loose, racked, speciality tips such as low resistant or filter tips, or even Rainin's unique PureSpeed sample preparation tips. We can offer you a wide selection of whatever type of pipette tips you need. Innovations in packaging design provide convenient, economical and environmentally friendly systems.

Laboratory Consumables

Anachem offers an expansive selection of Laboratory Consumables for all your sample handling, storage, labelling & purification.

High quality plastics are essential to safeguard your samples, preventing contamination and ensuring the integrity of your experimental results. From Microtubes to PCR Plastics and Deep Well Plates, consumables supplied by Anachem are manufactured from the highest grade polypropylene to give you the greatest assurance.

Personal & Laboratory Safety products provide protection in hazardous laboratory environments.

Pipette Servicing and Maintenance

Exact and reliable pipettes are vital for successful laboratory operations. Assuring the reliability of pipettes requires frequent monitoring and repairs by skilled laboratory specialists.

Anachem are established as the UK's largest pipette service organisation, with more than thirty years of involvement in the industry. Our certified pipette servicing specialists have undergone comprehensive training in every element of pipette maintenance, as well as the use of all major brand pipettes.

Consistent pipette maintenance avoids loss of time, work and capital, and ensures reliable study results.

Good Pipetting PracticeTM Programme

The GPPTM Programme is a specially developed five step programme offering a systematic approach to maximising pipetting accuracy & precision and reducing risks of Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Anachem offer seminars that can cover the whole 5 step programme or can be tailored to your needs, to educate you and your colleagues about Good Pipetting Practice. Also there is a range of free educational material including white papers, videos and posters, aimed to create awareness on the topic of pipetting ergonomics and how it relates to pipetting results.

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