Rugged Battery Packs and Chargers for Portable Communications Systems


AMOPACK is a modern company with a long history in the field of portable battery packs. The company launched in Spain with the outsourcing of this activity by the company, SAFT. From that point on we have constantly invested in both technical development and resources to remain leaders in battery pack development giving the greatest possible added value.

Today at AMOPACK we lead the field with the most highly developed technical battery packs on the market. From the outset, we have maintained the highest product quality with ISO 9001 (ER 1321-1999) and implementation of PECAL 2110, and we have cared for the environment with the implementation of the standard ISO 14001.more

Rugged Battery Packs for Portable Communications

AMOPACK has developed and manufactured batteries for defence since the day it was launched. We participate in a consortium of first class companies developing equipment for the soldier of the future (COMFUT), contributing the power supply for the whole system which includes battery packs, chargers, power management systems (UATs), fuel cells, solar panels, etc.

We are involved in a series of projects for the armed services contributing the power supply. We manufacture the PR4G battery packs, rugged battery packs for portable communications systems using the TETRAPOL system, battery packs for the Navy, submarines, signal torches, etc.

Security Transmission Battery Packs

One of AMOPACK ‘s major activities is manufacturing battery packs for transmissions from the Security Forces, National Police, Civil Guard, Local Police Forces, etc. The company supplies battery packs for two-way radios and frequency inhibitors, which have been in use for some time.

Recently, the unification of all the communication systems has led to the TETRAPOL system and subsequent development of a single battery pack for all these devices. AMOPACK also manufacture and supply torch batteries and special batteries for other diverse applications.

Ni/Cd, Ni/MH and Li-Ion Battery Chargers

AMOPACK offers chargers for cells and/or Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries. Portable batteries can be charged in many different ways, with the choice of application determining the charge time and the complexity of the charger. Charge time can vary between 30 minutes and up to 15 or 30 hours.  The most frequently used charges vary between C/10 and C/20, but with increasing use of portable devices, faster charging is required, up to 4C, which allows batteries to be charged in 15 minutes (ultra-fast charging). The charging method is therefore crucial to the design of a charger to fully charge cells without overloading them.

Amopack Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and cell chargers support a choice of permanent charge (maintaining a constant charge), standard (16 hour), quick (3-6 hours), fast (1-2 hours) and trickle charge (general maintenance charge to compensate for auto-discharge of the cells).

Li-Ion cells are charged by current limited constant voltage charging. These cells always have a safety circuit which should be associated to the charger. The low current charging method is a typical feature of this type of charging: when the voltage reaches the maximum set value, the intensity starts decreasing until it reaches very low levels.less


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