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AMETEK SCP, Inc, offers full systems interconnect solutions for harsh environment including naval shipbuilding and submarine, aerospace, and military land vehicles.

Making use of its in-house knowledge of submarine systems and superior materials and engineering expertise, SCP custom designs, manufactures, and installs components optimized to connect the outboard system to the inboard controls in submarines, for a variety of military sensor, communication and weapon systems.more

Military Standard Connectors: Undersea, Land Vehicles and Aerospace

Connectors used for military applications are manufactured and tested strictly in accordance to MIL-C-24231 and MIL-C-24217 for the U.S. Navy and NES524 and PTS14299 for the U.K.’s Royal Navy.  Widely used in many undersea and military applications, it is also highly suitable for any operation where pressure, humidity or temperatures are factors of performance. 

SCP’s range of products includes hermetic glass to metal seal connectors as well as fiber optic, coax and Ethernet designs.  Many of SCP’s connectors are built to withstand explosive shock, vibration, deep submergence or harsh environments.

System applications include Submarine Sonar, Submarine Antennas, Undersea Switches, Underwater Lights, Weapons Systems, Deep Submergence Vehicles, Junction Boxes, Fluid Flow Sensors, Underwater Communications, and Satellite Systems.

SCP has designed, developed and manufactured ruggedized gigabit Ethernet and Ethernet/Power connectors for use on submarines, land vehicles and in the aerospace industry.  SCP Ethernet connectors are certified to TIA568 for CAT 5e and CAT 6.

Submarine Protection: Hull Penetrators

SCP has been an innovator in the application of MIL-C-24231 based penetrator designs to the international submarine market where this technology had not been previously utilized.  The Company’s application of MIL-C-24231 allows for minimizing the total number of hull penetrations in nuclear submarines; diesel electric submarines; unmanned underwater vehicles; deep diving vessels; and subsea control systems.

Systems applications include electrical signal path for lights, sensors, power and indicators; fiber optic path for sensors and data communications; hybrid paths for fiber components requiring power for computing; coax and RF/Microwave Coax, and gigabit Ethernet.for high performance requirements.

Polyurethane Cables: Military Cable Assemblies

SCP has a long history of working with cable manufacturers to custom design advanced cable assemblies that are not readily available from other suppliers.

SCP utilizes neoprene, hypalon, and polyurethane molding in the manufacture of hybrid fiber/copper assemblies; complex multi-coax terminations, and ruggedized Ethernet designs used in naval, aerospace and land applications. 

SCP’s recently developed process of molding polyurethane to polyethylene jacketed cables has been proven and accepted for use on US and UK submarines. SCP’s innovative capability to bond these materials allows for cables to maintain their integrity for longer periods of time. 

Submarine Missile Control: Tomahawk Cruise Missile

System applications include submarine launched Tomahawk cruise missile control, submarine external countermeasures, Tomahawk missile simulators, mast position sensor systems, hull penetration to sonar hydrophones and transducers, sensors in caustic materials, and  towed arrays.less


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