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Founded in Davenport, Iowa during 1925 American Power Systems Inc. is internationally recognised as one of the top power supply development and engineering firms in the whole world. With more than 85 years of manufacturing knowledge and experience behind them, American Power Systems Inc.'s products are used by private companies such as International Armored Group (IAG) and The Armored Group as well as military organisations around the globe, including the DoD, SOCOM, DoS and FDoT.Based in the US, American Power Systems Inc. produces rotating and motive power supplies for high power AC and DC applications. Their products are custom designed to power mobile chassis for military, law enforcement, and spec ops markets.They are constantly researching and developing new products, helping to keep them at the forefront of power generation, whilst ensuing that their products are environmentally friendly and help reduce fuel consumption.American Power Systems Inc. uses the latest CNC and NC controlled robotics for milling, winding and assembly operations, enhancing their production capabilities. All American Power Systems Inc. products are tested in line with MIL-STD-461F requirements.DC Power Managementmore

The range of DC Power Management products from American Power Systems Inc. are all manufactured in the US and can be customized for any platform. As standard, all of the DC Power Management equipment has a very high efficiency design and three phase power.They all have a low output ripple content, but the output studs cannot short or overheat and are no PMG magnetics or large voltage swings / spikes.High Output Alternators

American Power Systems' ranges of High Output Alternators have been designed specifically for military use, with some of the products specifically restricted to Department of Defense and tier one applications:40BR Brushless High Efficiency Series, 42i Nitro Series, 55i Brute Series - 200 amp restricted, 55i Brute Series - 270 amp restricted, 55i Brute Series - 300 amp restricted, 55i Brute Series - 360 amp restricted, 55i Brute Series - 400 amp restricted, 55i Digital Load Share System

Armoured Vehicle Power

A range of 14 and 28 volt power units have been produced especially for armoured vehicles, allowing duty power on COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) and NSC (Non Standard Commercial) vehicles. These are very popular with DoD and Tier One primes due to their reduced weight.

Supported Platforms APS provides systems for a wide variety of vehicles including but is not limited to: GMC Savanna, Chevy Suburban, Ford E Series, Ford F Series, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Aurion, Jeep Grand Cherokee. 28 VDC Generators & Auxiliary Power Units (APU)American Power Systems offer a wide variety of 28 VDC Generators & Auxiliary Power Units made for standard mounts, however these can be customized depending on the clients specific requirements.DC Portable Battery Chargers and APUs
Integrated Power System up to 1000a
DC Up ConvertersThe rack mountable DC up converters provide true 28VDC power and offer extremely high efficiency for loads of 10% to 100% rated capacity.They can cope in temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as +85°C without any derate and come with a 3 year warranty.less


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