Tape Applicator

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In winding of plastic film where incoming web has to be wound on rolls of small lengths, manual taping of film ends is time consuming process and imposes safety hazard on operator.

Use of newly developed tape applicator in an automated system (web transfer, unloading of finished rolls, loading of cores) reduces operator attention to zero. End result is higher production and safe operation.

Shaft  Extractor

This tape applicator, when mounted on to winding systems, will efficiently meet dynamic process requirements of the incoming web material. Automation mechanism involves pre-cut tape (about 8" long and up to 2" wide), for each film roll. This precut tape wraps around securing film onto the roll. No manual handling by operator is needed.

In a typical application, this tape applicator was mounted on a turret winder. Here fast moving web at 350 ft. per minute produced 100 ft. lengths of film rolls with short cycle time of 17 seconds. Such an achievement is indicative of superior performance of this innovative tape applicator.

Film Roll Removing System (Shaft Extractor)

Alpha Marathon has introduced a roll removing system that complements its popular winding system technology for the plastic film industry. This system is particularly suitable for heavy film rolls. Simple operational mechanisms are incorporated and for this reason it only requires a single operator, eliminating all the heavy lifting requirements.

This shaft extraction is part of an overall winding process, which includes loading of airshaft, unloading of film roll, and extracting of the shaft.


Typically, film roll is lowered with hydraulic mechanism to the cradle and transferred on to the trolley with a pivoting surface area. Roll carrying trolley is driven electrically on tracks to shaft extraction assembly. Any vertical (up/down) adjustment, depending upon film roll diameter, can be taken care of by powered extractor.

Once film roll is aligned to the extractor assembly, shaft holder locks on to the airshaft end, and trolley moves away, allowing removal of shaft with a smooth power extraction, from the film roll. For re-coring purposes, operator slides new core on the cantilevered shaft. The Hoist in the loading area of the winder moves airshaft. Similarly film roll can be hoisted with hooks and moved out of the way, to storage area.

Tape Applicator

Shaft Extractor

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