Direct Cast Extrusion Air Bubble Wrap® Forming Line

Alpha Marathon Technologies Inc

Direct Cast Extrusion Air Bubble Wrap® Forming Line

Over the past year Alpha Marathon has developed an AFFORDABLE Direct Extrusion Bubble Forming Line equipped with optional top layer Laminator, geared towards bringing customers contemplating the Air-Bubble Protective Packaging Market. In the past, it has been a rather expensive venture to pursue, requiring large capital investments.

Bubble Wrap® Production Line

Alpha Marathons Extensive team effort, by Management, Engineering, and Manufacturing departments, have designed an Economical Line to get you in to Bubble Manufacturing business. With this bubble wrap® (BUBBLE WRAP® is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation (US)) production line you will be able to make: Bubble, PonyRolls, Handy Pack / Bubble Dispenser, Padded Envelops, Pool Covers, Reflective Insulation Material and Air Bubble Packaging Material. This added product swill help you grow your business.

Bubble Wrap Production Line

As one of this line's most appealing features, the "Alpha Cast Bubble Extrusion System" is designed for easy operation, including start-up and shut down. Therefore, reducing cost in materials, time, and inextensive training of operator.

And it gets better! Alpha has not compromised its quality, and still stands by all of its equipmment, offering full warranty.

To date, Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc., has helped many AIR BUBBLE PACKAGING Distributors and End Users,start there own business, with low investment in capital equipments, allow them to make higher margins on the product that once were purchased and shipped over long distances with today’s high shipping costs. If you are a distributor of AIR BUBBLE PACKAGING MATERIAL, Padded Envelops, Pool Covers and Reflective Insulation Material, ALPHA would like to help you start your own BUBBLE Manufacturing Business.

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