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Mediation is a very structured process which is carefully managed by skilled mediators. It is not just another meeting. It works most effectively when all who participate genuinely understand that the mediator is independent and will not guide the discussions or the outcome in any way. So rather than work with underlying- or overt- conflict for weeks, months or even years; rather than put up with ineffective workers who show different styles of communicating and prioritising tasks; rather than spend hours of time and money investigating formal grievances and allegations of harassment....get the people involved to consider mediating.more

That's all you as the manager or business owner have to do. Ask them to consider it. We will offer a no obligation exploratory chat with all parties involved, explaining the process and our role and what might happen at the end. Then they can think about it further and decide whether to give it a try. In our view it's got to be a better option than continuing in a hostile and possibly litigious atmosphere, but it has to be entered into voluntarily for it to be effective.

We have conducted many mediations and each case has its own factors. In so many cases we wish the business had called us in earlier so that the matters might have been resolved much sooner.

We also have a specialist service for education institutions and businesses which includes offering mediation where there is also conflict between parents or students and teaching staff.less


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