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CAST Terminal allows you to effectively plan for terminal developments, new layouts and even the unexpected, without disrupting passengers.

When planning for a refurbishment or new terminal build, it is essential that your designs can stand up to the demands of twenty-first century passenger traffic. It is also critical that airport staff are properly prepared for disruptions, such as flight cancelations, delays or emergency procedures. Planning and instructive training can go some way in helping get your staff ready for these eventualities, but only intuitive simulation software can provided the closest thing to first hand experience.

CAST Terminal Airport Simulation Software

Airport Terminal Simulation Software

CAST Terminal is a unique form of airport simulation software that presents your terminal in glorious 3D, so you can monitor passenger flow and effectiveness of certain layouts more closely. These incredibly realistic environments will allow you to accurately plan, analyse and make collaborative decisions about the interior of buildings, improving the passenger experience and efficiency of the airport. Able to run on a standard windows PC, CAST Terminal can assist you in:

  • Planning future infrastructure
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Enhancing terminal capacity
  • Finding the most cost-effective build method
  • Improving retail facilities
  • Supporting tactical and strategic decision-making

Without inconveniencing passengers, Airport professionals can use CAST Terminal to analyse potentials layouts and operational strategies. This information can be used to determine the range of facilities required or the capacity available for new developments.

By using CAST Terminal's user-friendly modelling tools, operators can produce animations that demonstrate realistic passenger behaviour, having control over intricate details, such as walking speed, direction and comfort distance. This allows you to accurately perceive how passengers will react to changes in the terminal, testing whether new layouts have a positive of negative effect. Reports can be generated, displaying passenger flow statistics in easy-to-read charts for later analysis and collaborative decision making.

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BAA, Zurich Airport and Airbus are among the clients who have used CAST Terminal to map and simulate terminal operations, such as passport control, security, check in desks and passenger gates. The software has enabled them to investigate the performance of departments and assess if levels of service are being maintained, all through an aesthetic presentation of the airport environment. As a result, associated airports and operators have reduced passenger waiting times and queues, but at the same time have optimised retail space to increase expenditure.

Passengers benefit, your airport benefits and all of this can be run from a standard Windows PC. For more information about CAST Terminal or a free brochure, enquire below now.

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