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Airport Research Center

Based in Aachen, Germany the Airport Research Center (ARC) was established in 1998 by Professor Peter Wolf, a leading German aviation analyst. The company provides consulting and engineering services to the aviation industry with a focus on providing custom made solutions for each individual clients' requirements. This high level of service is possible due to the experienced and multi-disciplined team of experts at ARC.more

The services ARC provides includes

  • Airport design and master planning
  • Capacity analysis
  • Market analysis
  • CAST simulation software package to aid in the planning and day to day running of your airport.

Airport Simulation Software

In response to various issues encountered providing their services ARC developed a range of airport simulation software. The CAST series of programs provide the user with a 3D simulation environment to allow them to discover potential problems and bottlenecks before they happen in the real world.

The CAST series with the applications CAST Terminal, CAST Aircraft and CAST Vehicle includes simulations of the passenger terminal, aircraft traffic and ground handling vehicles.

Airport Planning and Design

ARC are able to provide comprehensive airport planning and design services. Whether it is  updating an existing building with a view to improving efficiency or a brand new 'clean sheet' design, ARC are able to maximise the potential of a site. This drive to ensure efficiency will guarantee reliable long term use and reduce unnecessary costs further down the line.

ARC use the powerful passenger flow and airside operation simulation tool CAST to test their designs before any work is carried out. This allows the customer to rest assured that the design used will be highly effective in the real world.

Aviation Market Analysis

Business plans always need to be based on reliable and in depth market research, this is no less true in the aviation industry. There is no point spending millions expanding and developing an airport if there is no demand for the extra services. ARC offer comprehensive aviation market analysis reports tailored to each individual customers requirements based on, global market growth, socio-demographic structures, airport catchment areas and airport infrastructure.

This information can then presented to the client in a number of ways depending on the intended use for the information. To ensure the information is as accurate as possible ARC use several comprehensive resources.

Airport Capacity Analysis

When new airports are built or existing airports are expanded all parties involved will be keen to understand how each individual service will perform in relation to the increased workload. This is where ARC's airport capacity analysis services are needed. This tool can highlight services that are operating close to their limit and need further investment and facilities that do not require any extra development. This tool can determine the capacity of a range of  airport services including, passenger handling, baggage handling, road vehicle traffic, aircraft movements, airside traffic and runway systems.less


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