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AIS have over two decades of experience in the supply of airport management systems. Their products offer the latest in airport software, powering a range of applications that are making life easier for passengers and airports nationally.

AIS software can be relied on and fully integrates with your airport's data management and operational needs. The company is committed their proven turnkey solutions, which are currently in use by over 30 airports, including Heathrow, Oxford and Glasgow Prestwick.

In choosing AIS, customers can expect the highest levels of service, including the installation of cable, software, hardware with comprehensive training and after care support.

Airport Information Systems product rage includes:

  • Flight Information Display Systems
  • Air Traffic Control Administration
  • Aeronautical Billing System
  • Cash Invoicing System
  • Aircraft Fuel Invoicing System
  • Airport Handling Agent System
  • Real Time Apron Management
  • Web Boarding Security Systems

Flight Information Display System

The Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is the face of the airport management system. Passengers can view flight information in a style chosen by the airport. The screen displays information that is generated automatically from other systems or input manually from staff.

AIS software enables the FIDS to be viewed dynamically and updated by staff or by triggers within the system. Remarks can be displayed in two languages by flight. The system handles code-shared flight numbers, logos and up to six sector airports Unique displays are available for check-in, doors, gates, carousels, landside and airside arrival and departure information.

Arrival and departure information can be uploaded to the airport's website.

The system can display arrival, departure information along with an optional "all flights" on any PC connected to the airport LAN. The all flights display includes a thousand word notepad facility by flight. This facility can replace the telephone and radio connection between departments.

Apron Management System

Stands can be allocated to aircraft type and associated to doors and gates.

The system can be also used to optimise baggage services, logging the first and last times of bags so that data can be compared with IATA unloading times. Airport professionals can therefore be better prepared in man power and apron equipment planning.Additional ground services can also be input, so that items are accurately calculated and invoiced by the airport's aeronautical billing system.

ATC Administration System

ATC can enter actual time of arrival and departure which can be used to update the FIDS. Additional information can be entered such as aircraft registration, runway number, number and specific types of approaches etc. The system can print flight strips automatically or on demand.

The system can be used to generate mandatory stats required by government associations, for example the National Air Traffic Service who use this information for overflight billing and airspace planning.

Handling Agent System

The system allows for the creation of a seasonal schedule which is downloaded into a mayfly each day. The user can see all flights dynamically and can enter passenger information, block on/off and any services added to a flight which can be used for aeronautical billing. Updating of the FIDS can be either by triggers or by manual input by flight.

Web Boarding Security

The system is used to check web boarding cards at security entry and at the gate. The system fully meets the DfT requirements plus other additional airport requirements. A real time report is available at the gate of all passengers by name who are missing at the gate but who have passed through security.

Aeronautical Invoicing

The system can invoice both cash and credit customers. This includes all landing fees, parking, ground services and any other charges associated with a movement. Invoices can be raised as an email or printed out.

A range of surcharges and discounts are available within the system. The system can invoice in different currencies and credit cards for cash invoicing. Sales tax and VAT can be set up within the system. The system can interface with a variety of accounting systems such as SAP, Sage, Pegasus etc. A full range of reports are available along with the ability of the user to create their own reports in Excel.

The system also creates the mandatory CAA stats which are emailed automatically at the end of each month.


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  • Kevin Faulkner

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    Responsible for account management and customer satisfaction ensuring AIS' integrated airport solutions meet its customers' needs

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