Air Knife Blowers, Bottle Drying Systems and Can Drying


Secomak Ltd has been the industry leader in air movement technology for 82 years. Using our expertise and experience of air movement technology we have developed an array of application-specific equipment that utilises high specification, compressed air and blower driven air knife drying systems.

Our solutions are efficient, energy saving, cost effective and environmentally friendly. They are designed to suit the specific application and are engineered to meet the exacting requirements of our worldwide customer base.more

Air Knife Solutions

Secomak air knife solutions provide a controlled sheet of low pressure, high velocity air which is ideal for stripping moisture and debris from almost any surface. A Secomak air knife can also reduce energy costs by up to 85% when used to replace other drying methods such as a drying oven or compressed air. Secomak air knife solutions are suitable for an array of applications including;

  • Cleaning - fresh food products, swarf & dust removal, window panes
  • Cooling - sheet metal, extruded components
  • Coating - food products, oils & lubricants
  • Static proofing - printed circuit boards, electronic components
  • Drying - bottles & cans, jars, pouches, containers, sheet metal, fresh food products, carpet

Secomak air knives can be manufactured in a variety of designs and materials to suit the application. Secomak now provide the EasyDry kit which consists of a set of air knives powered by a Secomak HV fan. The Secomak EasyDry system can be positioned on the side of an existing conveyor, making it ideal for integration into existing processing lines.

Bottle Drying Solutions

Secomak provide industrial blower driven air knife bottle drying systems which range from the individual EasyDry kit, to fully enclosed systems. Secomak air knife drying systems have been developed to replace compressed air drying systems. Secomak bottle drying systems consist of the PowerStrip, PowerDry, and PowerTunnel. The Secomak Power range are modular drying systems, designed to either fit over clients own conveyor or integrate into existing processing lines.

These bottle drying systems are suitable for high speed bottle drying, with speeds of up to 75,000 units per hour. They offer flexible drying solutions for any application issues on the production line such as;

  • Preventing false rejects of bottle caps during vision inspection
  • Preventing packaging issues and customer rejects during final packing
  • Preventing streaking and misalignment of labels
  • Preventing poor quality shrink sleeving
  • Preventing illegible coding and marking of dates

Secomak drying systems are also suitable for integration into processing lines for drying jars, tins and containers, to help overcome all surface drying problems.

Secomak also offer the Mistral which is a compressed air drying system designed for bottle caps and container seal, specifically bottle and crown caps, bottle necks and jar screw threads. Drying is necessary to prevent rust and discolouration, which will make the product unappealing to customers. This compact system is designed to fit over clients own conveyor and dries at speeds up to 78,000 units per hour.

Can Drying Solutions

Secomak’s can drying range consist of the Tornado Dryer and the Can Top Dryer which, when coupled together, provide a high efficiency system with drying speeds of up to 80,000 units per hour. The Secomak Can Top Dryer is specifically designed for bulk removal of surface water from can tops and bases whilst the Secomak Tornado Dryer uses a set of Ringjets to displace water from the can base and top. The Secomak can dryer range offer solutions for production line application problems such as;

  • Preventing illegible coding and marking of dates
  • Preventing packaging degeneration, corrosion or customer rejection after final packing
  • Preventing corrosion, discolouration and bacteria formation of tops and ring pulls

The two systems combined provide optimised drying of top or bottom of cans to within the BCME’s specification. This bulk water removal system is a low noise and low energy system that removes 99% of water from can tops or bases.

Pouch Drying Solutions

The Secomak Pouch and Ready Meal Tray Dryer is an industrial blower driven air knife drying system which is designed to eliminate the risk of processing errors. The system can be tailored to either retort pouch drying or ready meal tray drying, and the integrated drive belt ensures that the product is positioned accurately during the drying process. The Secomak Pouch & Ready Meal Tray Dryer is suitable for both single and multi-lane drying, and dries at speeds of up to 60,000 units per hour. The Secomak Pouch Dryer offers solutions for surface drying problems such as;

  • Preventing inaccurate measures during check weighing
  • Preventing degeneration of packaging material during final packaging
  • Preventing illegible coding and marking of dates
  • Preventing false rejects during seal inspection

Heating Applications

Secomak offer solutions for temperature control during processing applications. The Secomak PowerHeat  Container Warning System is a high specification pre-heat tunnel for empty bottles, that uses infrared heating elements to regulate the temperature of the bottle before hot filling, or prior to labelling and sleeving. The PowerHeat is suitable for both jars and bottles, warming at speeds of up to 78,000 units per hour. The PowerHeat offers solutions for processing applications such as;

  • Preventing thermal shock
  • Preventing poor quality bottle processing
  • Preventing cracks in jars on hot fill lines
  • Preventing build up of condensation on bottles

Secomak also offer the PowerCAT 300 and the PowerCAT 600 which are modular, compact dehumidifying units designed to maintain the atmospheric pressure within the container unit, so to prevent the need for temperature control throughout the entire factory. The PowerCAT stops the build up of condensation during production by reducing dew point from 14°C to 6°C. The PowerCAT dehumidification unit can be integrated into existing processing line as either a stand-alone unit or as a module in a Secomak drying system.

Shrink Sleeving Applications

The Secomak Thermoshrink range are all purpose shrink tunnels designed to shrink decorative sleeves, fully body sleeves and capsule sleeves onto the necks of bottles. Each unit features robust heating elements with individual temperature controls for an intense, precise application ensuring a wrinkle free finish. All units are suitable for function on automated sleeving lines and hand application lines. The Thermoshrink 450, Thermoshrink 750 and Thermoshrink 1500 Heating Units vary from an entry level shrink tunnel to a high specification shrink tunnel specifically designed for shrinking full body sleeves and decorative sleeves at speeds ranging from 6,000 to 12,000 units per hour. The Thermoshrink Capsealer 700, Thermoshrink Capsealer 100 and Thermoshrink Capsealer 1200 also range from entry level to high specification. The Capsealer range is designed to shrink capsule sleeves at speeds ranging from 9,000 to 18,000 units per hour.

Bottle Cleaning Solutions

Secomak offer cleaning solutions for the build up of corrosive or contaminated materials on bottles and jars during production. The Aquarinse micro-jet nozzles are optimally positioned to wash away unwanted material from the neck, shoulder and under crown/screw cap seal, in order to prevent any rusting. The Aquarinse cleans at speed of up to 78,000 units per hour and is controlled by the Secomak Aquaminder, which is a sensor control unit designed to cut the washing motion when line is stationary.

Eco-Friendly Additions

The Secomak Eco-Pack is compatible with the entire range of blower driven air knife drying systems allowing blower speeds to be set at speeds suited to the particular application. Also, by combining the Eco-Pack with a Secomak drying system creates an intelligent control which detects bottle movement speeds or stoppages on the line, stopping or slowing the entire system to prevent unnecessary energy costs, saving up to 30%.less


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