Joint Precision Aerial Delivery and Steerable Parachutes

Airborne Systems

Airborne Systems is a world leader in the provision of Military Parachutes from design through manufacture. The company is comprised of 4 leading brands: Irvin, GQ Parachutes, AML and Para-Flite, offering the largest assortment of parachute and related products. In addition to military troop parachutes, the company provides JPADS (Joint Precision Aerial Delivery Systems), a wide variety of aerial delivery solutions, air dropped emergency rescue survival equipment, rescue and safety restraint harnesses and ejection seat parachutes. Airborne Systems also provides brake, spin stall and deceleration chutes, inflatable products and vehicle recovery solutions for space.more

JPADS: Joint Precision Aerial Delivery Systems

Selected by the U.S. Army as their choice for 2K and 10K JPADS (Joint Precision Aerial Delivery Systems) platforms, Airborne Systems provides a group of precision guided aerial delivery systems are used to resupply forces when there is no easy ground access and where low-altitude airdrops are extremely dangerous. For resupply missions in hostile environments, these systems fly themselves directly to the target, eliminating the need to put additional troops in harms way.

Dropped from helicopters or fixed wing aircraft, the systems can accurately drop supplies on the battlefield, minimizing risk to the aircraft and the receiving units. A major advantage of the Airborne Systems design is the use of a common guidance system on all models. Utilizing a common approach for the user interface, simplifies operation for the Mission Planner and Autonomous Guidance Unit for all models from 75lbs to 30,000lbs. This ensures optimal performance and minimizes user training and logistical requirements. Airborne Systems provides full training, technical support, and spares solutions to ensure maximum utility to the end user.

Steerable Military Parachutes

The MC-6 parachute has demonstrated many superior performance characteristics over-and-above the MC1-1C steerable military parachute. The MC-6 has a higher turn-rate and greater forward velocity. A unique feature of the MC-6 is its ability to back-up in deep brakes. This affords the jumper the ability to easily correct a landing point overshoot. The MC1-1C would require a complete 360o turn to correct a similar overshoot; this would be hazardous close-to-the-ground.

The MC-6 has also demonstrated softer openings at higher elevations and does not suffer from the type of damage seen on the MC1-1C at this deployment condition. MC-6 system began production for the replacement of the US Army’s current MC1-1C in quantities beginning in 2007 and continues today.

Non-steerable Parachutes

Realizing that the T-10 parachute system could no longer meet the needs of today's modern forces, the United States Army initiated a program to develop the next generation of tactical non-steerable troop parachutes. The ATPS (Advanced Tactical Parachute System) or T-11 consists of a newly designed reserve and harness system which can accommodate sizes from the 5th percentile female up to the 95th percentile male soldier.

This new ATPS non steerable parachute reduces descent rate by approximately 25% or 21 ft /sec to a reduced rate: 18 ft/sec. The T-11 design results in lower landing injury rates for users of the parachute than previous models. This is due to a rate of decent averaging at 14% slower than the T-10D. Reducing the rate of descent lessens the chance of potential injury due to a 25% energy reduction on impact.

Ram-Air Parachutes

Intruder is an extraordinary new ram-air parachute specifically designed for today’s military mission requirements. With expanded offset distance capability, increased load carrying capacity, and improved stability in deep brake configuration, Intruder is designed to safely carry today’s warfighter into tomorrow’s battle. Utilizing the advanced design of the RAIDER harness container which incorporates sophisticated safety features and improved comfort, the Intruder Military Free Fall system is the most advanced parachute system available, enabling the warfighter to fly further, carry more and land softer, ready to fulfill the mission.less


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