Acoustical Scoring and Miss Distance Indicator

Air Target Sweden

Air Target Sweden are specialists in the design, development and manufacture of acoustical scoring systems. Operating since 1956 their customer base includes armed forces, defence & police organisations and target towing operations, spanning 30 countries around the globe.

The company continuously strives to provide the best possible service to the customer and is able to support them from the initial design and testing stages, through training and system delivery. As a result, each customer receives the ultimate scoring system for truly realistic training which produces highly skilled individuals and helps to save money.more

Air Target Sweden's solutions are suitable for all firing situations including surface to air, surface to surface, air to air and air to ground. They have an extensive product range which includes:

  • Mini Marque Scoring Station
  • Uplink Command Units
  • Marque Scoring Station
  • Test Equipment
  • Miss Distance Indicators
  • LOMAH system
  • Sleeve Targets
  • Inboard Target Towing Winches

Acoustical Scoring

Acoustical scoring provides Armed Forces and similar organisations with a way of measuring the 'miss' distance of a projectile during training operations. The equipment provides a way to ensure a completely realistic and flexible way to improve marksmanship while at the same time saving money by lowering the amount of ammunition consumed.

Training with an acoustical scoring system enables the viewing of real-time information on the accuracy of the shots being fired on a 'scoreboard'. The information provided, including angular positioning and distance, can then be immediately communicated to the trainee for improvement. These can then be viewed on the 'scoreboard' to show whether the individual is improving or not.

The scoring equipment is suitable for use with calibers of 5" and up as well as missiles, as long as the rounds are supersonic within the target area. Designed for all firing situations, the equipment can also be lent to corresponding navel applications.

Projectile Miss Distance Calculation

How Acoustical Scoring WorksAir Target Sweden's scoring software provides a projectile miss distance calculation through the use of a pressure sensor array which is positioned on or close to the target itself. This then detects the shockwave of a supersonic projectile as it passes measuring amplitude and time difference between sensors.

When combined with mission parameters already inputed into the scoring software it is possible to calculate the shortest distance between the target and projectile which calculates the miss distance. It is also possible to analyse the angular position in this way.

The scoring software displays all the collected data in realtime on a colour graphic which can be accessed on various interfaces. Information between the sensors and software is exchanged via radio link so there is no need for external wiring or internet connection.

Supporting the CustomerAir Target Sweden are focused on providing each and every customer with the best service possible. This has helped them to maintain long-term business relationships and provide solutions which exactly meet customer requirements. Their support lasts the life of the product and includes initial installation, on-site training, regular maintenance, repair or exchange of damages parts and technical assistance.less


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