Military ECU, Tent and Shelter Cooling

Air Rover, Inc.

Since its establishment in 1986, Air Rover, Inc. has been a world leader in the portable air conditioner manufacturing industry.

We offer a wide range of state-of-the -art, cost-effective militarized environmental control units (ECUs) and turnkey integration systems consisting of tactical trailer-mounted generators, ECUs, power distribution units and duct storage.

Military ECU

In the early 1990s Air Rover’s introduced environmental control units (ECUs) to its line of air conditioning products. The first ECUs were designed to cool command centers for the J-Star program built by Motorola and used in the Gulf War (Desert Storm). Ever since, Air Rover has continued product development in its core business of militarized air conditioning systems widely used in cooling applications for tents, military shelters, satellite communication (SATCOM) systems, military vehicles, radar sites, medical trailers, aircraft hangars, mess halls, shipboard, helicopters, aircraft pre-flight, underground facilities, ground support, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.more

Field Deployable Environmental Control Unit (FDECU)

Air Rover engineered world-class Field Deployable Environmental Control Units (FDECU) for sensitive electronics and tent cooling during peace-keeping and combat missions. In response to troops’ feedback and technological advances, Air Rover's engineering team designed the UL Series, a modular ECU that produces cold, refrigerated air in extreme climatic conditions ranging from -30º to 150º F.

The UL Series foundation consists of a steel skid that features integrated fork pockets and unique corner option receivers for optional wheel kits, lifting rings, and leveling stands that slide and pin into position in seconds. The skid also contains stainless steel handles for hand-deployable capability. All UL Series military ECUs consist of a .063" aluminum exterior cabinet that effectively reduces overall weight by 23%. Integrated duct takeoff panels enable hands-off deployment in standard ducted applications.

Desert Cooling

Air Rover designed high temperature (HT Series) air conditioning systems, ideal for desert applications. These units can either be ducted out of the tent or vented via direct through-the-wall system. Air Rover's High Temperature Series portable air conditioners have the unique capability of creating suitable environments in extreme temperature regions.

Built to withstand heat as high as 150º F, our HT Series is the result of our years of providing rugged, reliable portable HVAC/ECU systems for government and military applications under harsh conditions. There are three deployment methods for HT Series air conditioners in desert applications: Inside the tent with a wall pack, inside the tent with ducting outside (useful for rapid deployment) and outside the tent with ducting inside (also useful for rapid deployment.)

Tent Cooling Systems

The Air Rover UltraLight Environmental Control Units are packaged and very versatile units for military on the move. They are designed on a skid with wheel receivers in each corner. Its protective handrail is useful in protecting the unit. The handrails can also be used to carry the unit with four or more people. The split condenser and evaporator allow a tent to slide down between them, eliminating the need for ducts.

Deployment methods for tent applications consist of outside ducted and split system, where the evaporator section of the unit in located inside the tent (conditioned space), and the condenser section is outside.

Shelter Cooling Systems

Air Rover UltraLight Vertical wall mount (ULV Series) ECUs are compact, lightweight and reliable precision cooling systems designed for high temperature telecommunication and military applications. Communications equipment, sensitive electronic equipment and weapons systems enjoy reliable cooling even in the hottest climates due to a high efficiency condenser heat exchanger and rugged scroll compressor.

The ULV Series ECUs deliver 5 tons of cooling in a smaller cabinet than typical 3-ton vertical wall mount ECUs! Telecommunications shelters, radar domes, microwave stations, portable buildings, command centers, tactical vehicles and military shelters all benefit from the high efficiency and easy serviceability of Air Rover’s wall mount ECUs.less


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