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Since their foundation in 1974, Aimpoint has worked alongside experienced hunters and marksmen as well as some of the best military weapon systems experts in the world to improve the shooter's accuracy and speed.

In 1997 Aimpoint was awarded their first military contract, with the US Army for red dot sights. Since then they have been supplying a very large number of sights to customers like the US Air Force, US SOCOM, the Swedish, French, Italian, Norwegian  and the Dutch Armies.more

With a proven track record behind them, providing top quality products to military units and special operations around the globe, Aimpoint remains the number one choice when it comes to quick target acquisition.

Shooters using iron sights need to line up the front and rear sight with the target, wasting valuable time while the magnifying scopes severely reduces the field of view - trying to locate the target with only one eye open through a tube destroys awareness of the surroundings.

With an Aimpoint sight, the shooter keeps both eyes open, place the dot on the target with no need to center it in the sight, and squeeze the trigger. So meaning no matter where your eye is in relation to the red dot sight, the visible dot will remain parallel to the bore of the firearm. Your point of aim will be your point of impact.

All Aimpoint sights are handmade at state of the art facilities in Sweden and manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Aimpoint Military Red Dot Sights

All Aimpoint Military Red Dot Sights are designed to be used with both eyes open, ensuring a clear field of vision at all times. Eye relief is unlimited as well, so the position of the eye does not affect how well you see the aiming point or target.

The lenses used for the Aimpoint sights transmit almost 100 percent of all wavelengths of light so there is no distortion and colors appear natural.

The Aimpoint Military Red Dot Sights have been developed and tested for use in any conditions, from the humid tropics to the freezing arctic and are fully submersible.

User Friendly Aimpoint Sight

The Aimpoint sights are easy to use, even if you're wearing gloves. They are operated by mechanical switches, which won't freeze, and can be easily altered to the correct setting while aiming through the sight.

Aimpoint Sights Standard features

  • Parallax-free and unlimited eye relief
  • Unlimited field of view
  • Extremely rugged, durable construction
  • No hazardous materials
  • Increased aiming confidence and hit probability
  • Unaffected by extreme weather conditions
  • No laser emission that could be harmful to your eyes
  • Mechanical switch for speed and reliability
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