Robotic Baggage Handling Systems for Luggage Halls

Ahkera Smart Technologies

Many airports have seen a rise in the number of passengers over the last decade. Therefore, these airports experience the need to grow with their passenger numbers. Ahkera Smart Tech's solution allows airports to cater for more passengers in a more efficient manner.

While traditional baggage halls demand large areas of floor space to ensure that segregation and flight sortation can take place effectively, Ahkera offers a modern solution, eliminating many of the current issues with traditional baggage halls. Furthermore, the total cost of bags handled can reduce by up to 90% over traditional systems, quickly repaying the initial investment. "We have tried to make this as easy as possible to both airports and ground handlers", comments CTO Juha Tuominen.more

In creating a solution for automated baggage handling, Ahkera have had to address several problems with the traditional baggage hall system. Ahkera have created a solution which works faster and more efficiently than current provision, needs less space and can be fully integrated with existing baggage management systems, requiring no modifications. The Ahkera solution has been designed to be conveniently retro-fitted to update many baggage hall operations, increasing productivity per facility footprint square meter required.

Ahkera Intelligent Robotic ULD Packing Systems

Ahkera utilise the latest in robotic technology to provide airports with a baggage solution increasing productivity and expansion opportunities. Although robots have been widely used across a variety of industries, they have traditionally been restricted to clearly predefined objects. However, Ahkera have introduced complex software allowing for the varying sizes, shapes and textures of baggage. This allows efficient and intelligent packaging of ULDs, resulting in a pack rate of between 35-40 bags per AKE and up to 200 bags per hour, lessening recirculation during peak times. Furthermore, Ahkera use their patented 'tilt and pack method', utilising gravity to ensure the most efficient packing of ULDs.

By using robotics, airports are able to increase security in baggage halls. By reducing the human interaction with passengers baggage, issues such as baggage tampering, safety and even terrorism can be reduced. "Airline representatives, who have seen our solution in action, have been very happy with our fill- rate of 35 to 40 bags per AKE, how gently bags and ULDs are handled, and how Ahkera's solution is able to handle segregations", comments Ahkera's CEO Harri Ruoslahti.

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