Bomb Blast Protection, Pentagon Supaglass and Anti-Graffiti Film

AGT London

AGT's bomb blast protection products can provide reliable protection for your business, home and properties, staff and the public.

The company's specialised blast mitigation anti-shatter film can be relied upon to prevent damage and injury in the event of a blast.

Anti-Shatter Window Film

London’s anti-shatter window film is suitable for fitting in all glazed areas of a particular building, negating the risk of injury from flying glass in the event of a natural disaster, civil disturbance or bomb blast. 
AGT's solutions also include a range of anchoring systems to increase the protection levels offered by anti-shatter window film even further.more

The AGT anchoring systems have proven increasingly popular in recent years due to the heightened risks of terror threats and attacks. The AGT clear glass containment film has the ability to offer an instant, cost-efficient retrofit option, either with or without anchoring and edge-retention, delivering enhanced safety and security.

Bomb Blast Protection

AGT London's leading bomb blast protection solutions are utilised throughout London and the UK. The company's professional team can ensure swift installation and replacement, giving you peace of mind and prompt action in the event of intrusion of property damage.

Advantages of AGT bomb blast protection include:

  • Professional installation of AGT anti-shatter film ensures a near-transparent protective layer over glass surfaces.
  • ATG anti-shatter film heightens security by binding potentially dangerous shards of glass together in the event that the window is smashed or shattered.
  • The blast protection product is bonded using an aggressive and pressure sensitive adhesive solution to ensure that shattered glass will stay adhered to the film, reducing the risk to the surrounding people and area.

ATG anti-shatter films undergo thorough testing and are approved to the standards of GSA, ISO and BSEN.

Pentagon Supaglass

Pentagon Supaglass

Vehicle Protection

AGT offer a full range of special protection films for your car. Glass Shield protection film (also known as Supaglass) acts like an invisible barrier preventing thieves from gaining access to your vehicle.

Glass Shield (Supaglass) also holds your vehicles glass together in the event of an accident protecting passengers from injury and laceration from flying glass. Fitted to many vehicles including police cars, fire engines and soft skin military vehicles Glass Shield is proving to be a ‘life saver’ having prevented many injuries to personnel.

Anti-Graffiti Protection

AGT's specialised anti graffiti protection film offers protection of windows against graffiti attacks and many other types of vandalism and contamination, including posters, chewing gum, birds' droppings and traffic film build up.

The anti graffiti protection film is completely see through, and comprises a protective layer over the glass, acting as a barrier to the potential contaminant.

Should the product experience any form of trauma, it can be easily taken out for replacement with a brand new, cost-effective layer of the anti-graffiti film. Replacement of damaged film can be carried out in just half an hour and proves far more cost-efficient than replacement of the glass would be.

The anti-graffiti film can also be utilised as a low level anti shatter film, keeping fragments of glass in tact should the window be damaged.less


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  • Martin has been in the window filming industry for over 18 years and has a wealth of knowledge with regard to window films on vehicles and buildings. He is now the Managing Director of Advanced Glass Technology (AGT) specializing in glazing protection.

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