Navy Recommendation for Extend-a-Life Filters

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Navy Recommendation for Extend-a-Life Filters: Improve the quality and life of your fresh fruits and vegetables with Extend-a-Life ethylene removal filtersĀ 

Ethylene Absorption Filters

Filters - Something as simple as placing an Extend-a-Life ethylene removal filter your cold room can dramatically increase the quality and life of your fresh fruits and vegetables. There is no special instillation required. Just hang the filters in your cold room/ refrigerated shipping containers where air circulated through them. The filters are small (18"W x 5 Ā¾" long x 11/16" thick). As air circulates through the Extend-a-Life ethylene removal filters, they will absorb the ethylene gas given off by your fruits and vegetables.

Extend-A-Life Ethylene Filters

Ethylene absorption filters can be hung virtually anywhere in your refrigeration / cold storage system. The number of filters is based on square feet of the refrigerator. One Filter is required for every 100 square feet. The useful life of the filters is similar to the blankets at 45-90 days. The Extend-a-Life ethylene filters are made of metal mesh and can be disposed of at sea.


The Navy is faced with the challenge of trying to extend the shelf life of FF&V on board ship in order to support the nutritional needs of its sailors. Spoilage of FF&V is a common problem caused by the release of ethylene gas, which is a natural by-product of the ripening process. Ethylene gas is a "growth regulator" that leads to degradation and reduced shelf life of FF&V as it is recycled through refrigerated shipboard storage spaces.

Tests have shown that installing ethylene gas absorption devices (ethylene blankets or filters) in the walk-in refrigerators can significantly the shelf life of FF&V. When placed in the cold storage rooms or refrigerated shipping containers, the devices reduce spoilage and aging by absorbing the ethylene gas.

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