Ethylene Absorption Filters Keep Fruit Fresh

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Why Use Ethylene Filters?

As produce ripens, it gives off ethylene, a natural hormone that triggers ripening; however, it also causes decay. The line of Extend-A-Life® products absorb ethylene and give fruits, vegetables and cut flowers a lot more time to stay fresh.

Extend-a-Life® Ethylene Absorption Filters

Ethylene Absorption Filters

Simply install an Extend-a-Life® ethylene absorption filter or absorption system in any vehicle or facility used for shipping, storage, or refrigeration. Or use the Produce Saver® sachet for individual boxes.

Ethylene Absorber Filters

  • Attach to or hang near return air handler unit refrigeration system
  • Great for refrigerated warehouses, coolers, refrig. shipping containers, retail backrooms and floral display areas.
  • Handles a one load room: Use two filters for a two load room, three for a three load, etc.
  • 30 day average life (actual life depends upon ethylene concentration)
  • Model 341 filter also designed for use in the 345B Fan Unit.
  • Sold per case
    350 Filter Specifications:
    • Size: 18"W x5-3/4"H x 11/16"
    • Weight 2 Lbs.
    • Pack: 12 per case (unit sales available also)
    341 Filter Specifications:
    • Size: 17-3/4"W x 15-3/4"H x ½"
    • Weight: 5-3/4 lbs.
    • Pack: 4 per case (unit sales available also)
Ethylene Filter Fan

Ethylene Filter Fan Unit 345B

  • Used in refrigerated warehouses, can be hung off cooler from ceiling or hung in a strategic area.
  • Absorbs 1120 or 1580 CFM of ethylene shipping trailers,  contaminated air (two speeds).
    • Uses four (4) model 341 filter screens.
    • Body manufactured w/Stainless Steel
    • Dimensions 20"W x 20-3/4"H x 25-1/2"L 
    • Weight 80 lbs. (without filter screen)
    • Electric Motor ½ HP amps 9.0 Volts 115
    • High Speed: RPM 1075 CFM 1580
    • Low Speed: RPM 750, CFM 1120

We have special payment & lease plans available for fan units

Produce Saver Sachets

  • For insertion in Produce & Floral Shipping Boxes
  • Absorbs ethylene and slows down the ripening process ensuring the quality and extending the life of products.


  • Size 4-5/8" W X 2-1/2"H x 3/8"L
  • Weight 9 grams
  • Active Ingredients - Zeolite, water, potassium permanganate
  • Case Pack: 9 gram - 1000 sachets
Produce Saver
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