Produce Preservation and Ethylene Gas Filtration

Agraco Technologies

AgraCo Technologies was founded in 2004 and has since supplied the military with produce preservation equipment and innovations. Widely used by the US Navy, the company's range of air ventilation and absorption equipment is designed to filter out ethylene gas, a substance commonly emitted by fruit and vegetables which causes them to spoil.

The company provides two distinct solutions for ethylene gas absorption, Extend-A-Life™ Ethylene Filters and Produce Saver™ Sachets. Using AgraCo's solutions, produce's shelf life can be extended by up to four weeks.more

  • Air Vent Ethylene Filters and Ethylene Removal System
  • Ethylene Absorption Sachets.

Ethylene Gas Filtration

Extend-A-Life™ Ethylene Filters

AgraCo's ethylene gas filtration solution is an intelligent solution to a common problem. In some cases, the quick-to-install equipment can increase shelf life of fresh produce by up to 235% and has been proven to be the most economical method for preserving vegetables and fruits.

Ethylene Removal System

Extend-A-Life™ Electric Blower

For larger scale applications, such as chilled ship holds and warehouses, Agraco provide a comprehensive ethylene removal system. The Extend-A-Life™ Electric Blower is mounted in your refrigeration area, clearing the air of ethylene gas emitted by fresh produce. The unit is designed to military specifications, with filters encased in steel mesh, which offers much greater resilience than paper or cloth varieties offered by competitors.

The blower unit's fans force the cold room's air through the filters, ensuring that the majority of ethylene in the atmosphere is absorbed. Filters can be easily switched between every 30 or 90 days, depending on the environment and the amount of produce being stored.

Produce Saver™ by Extend a life™

For the most compact and straightforward form of ethylene gas absorption, AgraCo recommends Produce SaverTM Sachets. The sachets are simply placed on top or within fruit & vegetables supplies and substantially reduce the rate at which they ripen, keeping produce fresh for up to four weeks. This enables clients to enjoy fresh produce and reduces the amount of spoilage. In addition, the sachets also reduce odors emitted from, produced and contained within your refrigeration unit.

Mosquito Patch

Deet Free "All Natural 36 Hour Patch"

Each year, more than a million people around the world die, or become sick from mosquito-borne diseases. The mosquito is well known for causing more human suffering than any other organism. Mosquito-borne diseases include Malaria, Chikungunya, Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis, Dengue, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virus, St. Louis Encephalitis and LaCrosse Encephalitis just to name a few.

Combined with vaccination and other protective measures, the Mosquito Patch can reduce the chance of contracting these deadly diseases, and it is proven to work. It has been deployed for commercial and recreational applications. The United Sates military operations based in Peru, Iraq, Afghanistan, Southwest Asia and the USA have used this product to protect its forces. The all natural, non-toxic and Deet Free, mosquito patch weighs less than a fraction of an ounce and protects you for up to 36 Hours.less


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