Suppliers of Portable Airfield Lighting

Aeronautical and General Instruments Ltd

AGI Ltd. is an established British company manufacturing a wide range of instruments and systems for the Defence and Civil markets worldwide.

Metalite Aviation Lighting Portable Emergency Airfield Lighting Systems

In 2007 AGI Ltd. acquired Metalline International and consequently its division Metalite Aviation Lighting.

Metalite Aviation Lighting is able to offer a full-range of portable emergency airfield lighting systems, covering runway and taxiway-edge lights, approach lights, PAPIs and obstruction lights.more

Products are battery or generator-powered and can provide visual and NVG-compatible light outputs, making them suitable for use by civilian and military users.

Lighting can be supplied as individual units supported by freestanding battery chargers or in road going trailers with integral charging facility.

Portable LED Civilian Omni-Directional Runway Edge Lights

The Metalite COREL LED is an energy-efficient battery powered portable runway light, which meets FAA, ICAO and CAA specifications in the full range of aviation lighting colours / applications. These super-efficient portable aviation lights offer unparalleled run times, meaning reduced maintenance and fewer charge cycles, resulting in a greater return on investment.

Simple drop in charging keeps recharging cycles down to a minimum amount of effort for ground staff. Built to last and to withstand the harshest environments, Metalite products are renowned for their high build quality and use in extremes, such as deserts, tropical conditions and sub zero locations, including the Antarctic.

Radio Control

The full range of LED products is available with MESH network technology, allowing the runway lights to be operated from the air traffic control tower, up to a range of 3km, each light then re-transmits the signal to the next light, ensuring the signal is not lost by obstructions and allowing an extended length of runway.

Portable Runway Lighting Systems from Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd.


Our Flagship solution is a versatile trailer-mounted, battery-powered portable runway lighting system that complies with international civil aviation standards, the Civil Airfield Lighting KIT (CALKIT LED) can be used as a stand-alone, temporary system on remote airstrips or as emergency, supplementary or obstruction lighting at international and domestic airports. Holding up to 66 light units, the CALKIT LED can deliver lighting for runways of up to 2,800 meters in length (100m spacing), with runway edge and threshold start/end lights. It can be easily deployed within 20 minutes with two operators.

CALKIT LED has been deployed in every Continent throughout the world since the since 1992 and continues to be the market leader in this sector.

Precision Approach-Path Indicator (PAPI LED)

A battery, mains or solar powered portable precision approach-path indicator, the PAPI LED, uses an LED light source and is suitable for daytime and night-time use in compliance with CAA document CAP 168, ICAO and FAA standards. Available with or without the NVG option, the PAPI LED comes in various configurations to cope with varied power supplies and fixed or portable installations.

CALKIT LED from Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd.

Runway End Identifier Light (REIL LED)

A pair of battery-powered portable approach lights suitable for night-time or daytime use, the REIL LED system provides a synchronised strobe light with intensities meeting FAA AC150/5345-51A L-849 Style A-F to identify the runway end or threshold of a visual or instrument non-precision runway. Highly efficient, the REIL LED can operate for long periods on a single 8 hour battery charge, meaning that they can remain in place for long periods of time before recharging is required.

Unidirectional Approach System (UDAL)

An enhanced, simple approach ‘lead in' light solution that consists of five UDAL lights programmed with a sequential strobe effect, leading into the two REIL LED lights as described above. This provides incoming pilots with a clear visual approach guide when coming in to land on a runway. The system used synchronisation cables, but is battery powered for flexibility and portability.

Standalone Battery Charger

Our freestanding, portable drop-in charger for the range of halogen or LED runway lights is capable of charging up to 16 halogen or LED CORELs, REIL LED's and UDALs simultaneously in approximately 8 hours. Highly portable and protected within a durable PELICASE design, this is an ideal solution for helipads, obstruction areas and smaller lighting requirements.

Ancillary Products

Metalite also provide a range of products that complement our core portable airfield lighting portfolio

  • COREL Base Plates & fixings for increased anchorage
  • Retro Reflective Taxiway Markers
  • Solar wind cones

The Metalite portfolio of portable aviation lighting products includes:


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