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Accidental destruction or deliberate theft of information may throw your organisation into crisis, compromise your integrity, and even put people’s lives in danger. Prevention is paramount. Nobody knows how to keep your data safe like Advenica of Sweden.

As Good or Better

No matter how sensitive your data or voice communication, Advenica can meet or exceed every global standard for secrecy in classified electronic info-tech.more

With our roots in advanced Swedish military technology and several decades of experience, theAdvenica brand name has come to symbolize the top-of-the-line in encryption products for every sector where security is mission-critical.

Close Support

We work closely with our clients, providing specialized solutions and expertise that ultimately result in human safety or competitive advantage for your organization.

We always begin by considering your specific needs, adapting our pioneering range of hardware and software to address the precise benefit you seek.

When lives are at stake, we are the mission partner you can rely on.

IT: The Essential Ingredient

Today’s advanced information systems are an essential ingredient in accomplishing military objectives, no matter how complex or geographically dispersed. Fixed and mobile information and communication networks facilitate more effective command and control, greater tactical accuracy, better intelligence, and a degree of logistical support that was once unimaginable.

To do this, they must perform reliably under severe conditions, be simple to operate, and never compromise the secrecy and security of the information they carry.

Longstanding Partnership

Advenica’s original experience with encryption and data integrity was developed through projects with the Swedish military. Innovative hardware and algorithms emerged in the challenging circumstances of a small, neutral, non-NATO Western country with the Soviet Union as a neighbour.

Resources were limited, and there was no margin for error. From this intense real-world experience – and building on Sweden’s expertise in cryptology - emerged Advenica, a pioneer company within code processing and data security.


Trusted communication networks for military, government and civil applications can be achieved via the implementation of a spectrum of security products and systems from Advenica.

We offer exclusive encryption products with peak-performance for voice, fax, videoconference and a wide array of data communications such as VPN, modem, ISDN, Frame Relay and the Internet.

All our products provide military-strength security based on hardware encryption technology to effectively secure your critical information systems from unauthorized access. Headquarter in Lund, Sweden.



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