Richard Wolf GmbH Uses POC-W211 to Create New Integrated Operating Room Solutions

Richard Wolf GmbH Uses POC-W211 to Create New Integrated Operating Room Solutions

Advantech Europe B.V.


Richard Wolf GmbH, a leading company with over 1,400 employees, was founded in 1947 by Annemarie and Richard Wolf. The German company boasts seven subsidiaries and 120 field offices worldwide. They offer global service and training in medical technology as well as the manufacture of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment equipment. With over acentury of family background in the industry, their expertise, combined with Advantech Point-of-Care (POC) enable them to reach new heights in helping hospitals establish integrated operating rooms with state-of-the-art digital healthcare solutions. The company required medical-grade POC terminals to implement a control console as a part of their endoscopy solution. The console was to be used in the integrated operating room to allow staff to manage, control, and preview images during surgery. The POC terminals were required to be high-performance devices with wide format displays to serve as a single point of control and gateway to the associated software application.


core nova is the new generation of Richard Wolf’s integrated operating room. It is theworld’s first fully network-based integration for the operating theater. With the use of standard technologies, Richard Wolf is able tooffer their customers optimal surgical workflow support with a system that is small, smart and secure. Advantech’spanel PC performs as the central control unit for core nova. The goal of an integrated system is to give the surgical staff the ability to control all functions of a modern operating theater, including device control, media management, procedure documentation, telemedicine and advanced integration into the hospital-wide clinical workflow, from central, compact and user-friendly control units. This is achieved by deploying one or more touch-operated core.control units within the OR. The core.control units run Richard Wolf’s intuitive and flexible core.browser software, which exposes all functionalities of the connected devices and all central services of the core.portal server. Connectivity is provided by Richard Wolf’s secured, intraoperative network, running certificate-based encrypted communication on top of a standard IP-based network.

Advantech’s Panel PC is the hardware platform for the core.control units; it runs the Richard Wolf core.browser software and plays a central role in the system. Advantech was selected for its reliability and performance and its ability to meet Richard Wolf’s strict requirements.


POC-W211 is a high-performing TFT-LCD medical PC solution with an Intel® Core™i7 processor. It features a 21.5” wide-format p-cap multi-touch display, capable of rendering and transmitting medical images and video, an integrated SSD storage device, color-customizable appearance, and Linux driver support. POC-W211 allows pre-, intra-, andpost-operative management ofall aspects of Richard Wolf’s endoscopy platform. Its rich set of I/O ports allows for complete and easy system integration that forms the cornerstone of an integrated operating room. Easily configurable and flexibly deployed, it is equipped with two one-watt speakers, and the two serial ports, plus six USB ports, allow a variety of peripherals to be added.


With the rapid advancement of medical technologies and growing expectations for better healthcare, medical professionals are seeking new ways to effectively perform administrativeduties that help eliminate errors and save valuable time. With POC-W211, Richard Wolf GmbH isable to deliver an endoscopic solution that is part of the integrated operating room, increasing accuracy and immediacy of data, and facilitating the efforts of healthcare professionals with timely delivery of information. Some of the cited benefits of the new system include:

  • Improved safety and data protection
  • Reduction in overall cost of integration
  • Optimization of space utilization in the integrated OR
  • Enhanced workflow during surgical procedures
  • Reduction in errors and a boost in efficiency
  • All data and equipment are managed via the LAN

Richard Wolf is very satisfied with the performance and overall response of the system and are also very satisfied with working with Advantech.

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