Multifunctional Kiosk Enables Logistic Service for Global & Well-known Logistics Firms in Sweden

Multifunctional Kiosk Enables Logistic Service for Global & Well-known Logistics Firm in Sweden

Advantech Europe B.V.

About DB Schenker

As the one of the leading globally integrated logistics service provider, DB Schenker stands for the transportation and logistics activities of Deutsche Bahn and has over 91,000 employees in some 130 countries. “Speed, Convenience and Quality” are DB Shenker’s business vision, and they are always committed to achieving their commitment to customers, thus there is no doubt why DB’s Transportation and Logistics Division can hold the top positions worldwide in the industry.


As a leading logistics service provider, DB Schenker tries their best to be more user-friendly and convenient. Therefore, they would like to plan the new concept of Service Station which can integrated the delivery service order, information inquiring, and financial service etc. to make their service be more convenience.

DB Schenker planned to install POS systems in convenient stores in Sweden to help their customers can send and track post packages, pay bills and do other financial services in a self-service kiosk. Since the POS systems are operated by end-users themselves, the hardware needs to be as solid and durable as possible. And to make the service efficient, the hardware needs to be easy to maintain.


After evaluating various POS systems, DB Schenkerselected Advantech wall-mountable W-POS which is used for self-service kiosk. W-POS system features peripheral modular design makes the database upgrade and maintenance easier. Even the clerks can solve the simple hardware failures. Better still, W-POS system equipped the powerful processor can support the stable and extremely performance to provide the speed and high level quality service to their customers. There is no doubt that the service stations are getting popular in Sweden since it installed. Not only the installed kiosk is increased in number, but also Schenker’s revenue grows year by year.


  1. Self-service kiosk application improve service quality and speed
  2. Powerful processor provides stable and extreme performance
  3. Modular peripheral design helps data upgrade and maintenance easier
  4. Diverse I/O interface supports various applications

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