Advantech’s HIT-R181B Adopted by a Military Hospital in San Diego to Improve Care Quality and Efficiency

Advantech’s HIT-R181B Adopted by a Military Hospital in San Diego to Improve Care Quality and Efficiency

Advantech Europe B.V.


San Diego, California


In 2015, a military hospital located in San Diego, California, purchased several of Advantech’s HIT-R181B healthcare infotainment terminals. Established nearly 10 decades ago as a treatment facility offering patient-centered services, the hospital employs a staff of more than 6000 and handles over 1 million outpatient visits annually. To continue providing premium quality care, the hospital strives to maintain the most technologically advanced equipment and treatment options.

About Advantech’s HIT-R181B

Advantech’s HIT-R181B is an 18.5” widescreen healthcare infotainment terminal equipped with a projected capacitive touch screen, a smart card reader, and a camera (with optional cover), as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and RFID modules by default. This medical-grade device also features a fanless design and low-power consumption to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Implementing HIT-R181B in Patient Wards

The hospital purchased more than 200 HIT-R181B and TV tuner units to serve as bedside information terminals for use by both patients and healthcare providers. Advantech’s HIT-R181B supports diverse peripheral options, such as a magnetic stripe reader (MSR), handset, and fingerprint scanner. Each unit was equipped with Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and software developed by the hospital and a prestigious hospital software vendor. The terminals were mounted on swing arms near patient to ensure ease of use. Patients can use the terminals to watch television, surf the Internet, and communicate with their families or friends. For healthcare providers, the terminals can be used to access Information and Content Exchange (ICE) healthcare systems and obtain medical records and treatment information at patient bedsides.

Hotkey Configuration Options

The HIT-R181B is offered with two hotkey configuration options, 1-key configuration (Display On/Off with indicator light) and 8-key configuration (Display On/Off, Play/Pause, Forward, Reverse, CH+/-, Vol+/-). The hospital and software vendor originally chose the 8-key configuration. However, after evaluating sample units at the hospital, they selected the 1-key configuration for superior compatibility with the software interface.

Reasons for Selecting the HIT-R181B

The primary factor that influenced the hospital and software vendor’s selection of Advantech’s HIT-R181B terminal was Advantech’sprestigious reputation for delivering trustworthy services. Advantech’s Digital Healthcare division has been assisting hospitals with establishing patient-centered healthcare environments and adopting universal digital healthcare platforms for more than a decade. Furthermore, with its IP65-rated full-flat front touch panel, the HIT-R181B is easy to clean, ensuring superior infection control and the provision of a hygienic and comfortable patient-care environment. The diverse peripheral options allow maximum unit customization according to meet specific application requirements. Both the hospital and the software vendor were extremely satisfied with the products and services provided by Advantech, and are currently planning to install additional healthcare infotainment terminals throughout the hospital.

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